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5 Tips for Your Inbound B2B Marketing Program

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As a B2B marketing professional targeting the medical and healthcare industry in Quebec, you should understand the importance of a strategic inbound marketing program. To ensure consistent growth of sales, overcoming the challenges inherent in healthcare inbound marketing is vital to your success. So is having the right tools, like a subscription to a Montreal doctors directory.


Inbound marketers face many challenges when trying to reach professionals in the medical and healthcare industry. When conducting a broad marketing outreach plan, marketers don’t always attract the right targets. Many people are online searching for medical advice these days, so without proper focus your inbound strategy could be attracting more than the B2B customers you’re hoping to find. Add in the fact there’s a long sales process in B2B sales to medical professionals and heavy regulations guiding the industry, and you can see how difficult it can be.

Subscribing to a Quebec doctors directory is a first step toward bringing focus to your inbound marketing initiatives, because you can use it to find exactly the right targets you’re looking for. A Quebec physicians directory offers thousands of profiles of active medical and healthcare professionals in the province. Use it to generate the best, most focused lead list you can find for your products and services, then employ these five tips to help reach them:

  • Make sure you have a dedicated person responsible for your inbound marketing. Crafting blogs, developing podcasts and relevant video content, crafting e-newsletters, and ensuring your social media marketing is top notch are just a few of the responsibilities for inbound marketers. It’s not something old “Jerry” can do off the side of his desk – this is an emerging skillset that marketing teams need to incorporate
  • Effective marketing takes time, so be patient. If your strategy is built on the right data, your inbound marketing will show results. Use your Montreal doctors directory to find the right data you need to develop targeted campaigns.
  • Pay attention to analytics. You need to follow the right metrics for determining success, like customer acquisition costs and website SEO rankings. Ignore them at your peril.
  • You need complete buy-in from your team when it comes to inbound marketing. All reps should understand its value and how it can be utilized to grow your sales numbers and help with lead generation.
  • Make sure you have the right SEO and keyword strategy. Organic search results are important to ensuring you’re being found by businesses looking for your type of products and services. Be sure you’re using the right keywords to attract the right leads.


Building an effective inbound marketing program is not impossible if you have the right tools. Your Quebec physicians directory from MD Select is a good starting place. Use it to develop a targeted strategy appealing to the right clients. Then you can apply the tips suggested here to implement your marketing plan knowing you’ll always have credible leads flowing into your sales funnel.

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