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From High Valley in the north to Cardston in the south, from Grand Prairie in the west to Vermillion in the east, targeting medical and healthcare professionals in all cities and towns across Alberta as a B2B salesperson requires a variety of tools. One of the best is a subscription to MD Select, where you’ll gain access to a comprehensive Alberta doctors directory.

In a digital world, our online Alberta physicians directory is an exceptional tool for sales and marketing teams, researchers and even recruiters targeting medical professionals. In this Alberta medical directory you’ll find the names and profiles of nearly 11,000 doctors, physicians and nurse practitioners. These are the high-value leads a B2B sales rep needs to effectively target potential new business. Attrition is always an issue no matter what product you’re selling; in the medical and healthcare industry, you can counter the effects of attrition by always bringing new leads into your funnel through your subscription to MD Select.

Updated List of Doctors in Alberta

Let’s imagine you’ve got an exciting new CRM system that could revolutionize the administration of a busy medical clinic. Search the list of physicians/doctors in Alberta and you can quickly find a list of medical industry administrators who would make perfect targets for your sales and marketing outreach. Search again and you can find out where they are and a great deal of information on their medical training and experience. Your Alberta doctors directory contains the up-to-date data you need to connect with the right clients and increase your sales conversions. The data is easily filterable so that you can narrow down searches to targeted locations such as Calgary or Edmonton. Your subscription to MD Select will quickly pay for itself by enhancing your lead generation tactics. Gain a competitive edge when selling in Alberta. Our Alberta physicians/doctors directory includes data for Edmonton, Calgary and other major cities in Alberta. Subscribe to MD Select.

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