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Driving Sales with Location-Based Ads

Most businesses ensure that internet users can access their websites from around the world. For instance, a business person in China can access a small eCommerce site in Denver. Even if the website is an English-only site, it could become an international business by default. Therefore, many marketers take advantage of the location in their marketing and sales campaigns. Some use geo-targeted display ads to reach their target market in other parts of the world. 

What is Geo-Targeting?

One of the most effective marketing strategies many businesses use is geo-targeting. Geo-targeting, also referred to as radius targeting, is an active response based on a user’s geographical location. The IP address of every internet user shows their location. Search engine result pages (SERPs) are the simplest example of geo-targeted display advertising.

Once a user’s location is determined by a website, or a platform determined through their IP address, GPS data, or Wi-Fi, they begin to get content specific to their location. This location can be a city, state, country, and more. Today, many marketers use geo-targeted display ads to seamlessly reach their target market in different parts of the world. 

Why Does Geo-Targeting Matter?

As stated above, geo-marketing is a powerful lead generation tool many marketers use in their sales strategy. It is a cost-effective and result-oriented means of reaching their target audience in no time. With geo-targeting can help businesses create interesting insights and engage their customer base at little or no cost from different parts of the world.

However, testing different approaches and ideas when location is involved can help improve the quality of insights created with geo-targeting. Also, it often provides much more different conversion rates. What works for your funnel may not work for another. But by test drive conversions, you can discover what works best for your marketing strategy. Some of the most effective geo-targeting ads tests you can use to increase your conversions include:

  • Experiment with languages
  • Match local currency
  • Evaluate serving local, relevant offers
  • Match paid marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate visual elements

Do you wish to improve your company’s sales in a specific location? Do you wish to work with the best geo-targeting companies? MD Select is the right place for you. We offer the most reliable customer directory online to help you boost your lead generation campaign. With our online database, you can access helpful information to get insight into the clients and markets, identify new leads, and engage your audiences.

Tips For Effectively Using Geo-targeting

Global advertising is essential to help businesses grow beyond their current location. But it is expensive, and not all companies can afford it. Thankfully, geo-targeting display ads have taken this financial burden off small businesses, helping them cut down expenses on an advert. Many multinational companies have also benefited from targeted advertising and marketing in several ways. For instance, these companies don’t have to travel overseas to advertise their products. They can do it at their convenience, with a simple click of a button. This saves them the expenses involved in moving overseas for adverts.

What Is Geo-targeting In Advertising And Marketing?

Geo-targeting is the practice of targeting online visitors based on their location. In advertising and marketing, companies use location-appropriate content that is based on their visitor’s location. For geo-targeting display ads, they use their visitors’ IP addresses, zip codes, cities, and states. This way, they can advertise to millions of people in different locations worldwide. With geo-targeted ads, many businesses can grow their customer base without having to leave their location.

What Is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a term that will mostly come up when talking about geo-targeting. Many confuse geofencing and geo-targeting for each other, but they are different. Geofencing involves creating a restriction around specific locations, using their IP addresses. In advertising and marketing, geofencing ads are used for advertising to people within a specific location. People within the fence will see the advert, while those outside the fence can’t. Therefore, it is highly specific for targeting potential customers.

Geo-targeting Tips

Geo-targeting as a marketing tool and strategy is pretty straightforward and cost-effective. However, optimizing geo-targeting ads is not as easy as it seems. Getting the best result requires a good understanding of how it works. Any business looking to adopt geo-targeting in their marketing and advertising campaign can use these tips below. 

  •       Use Relevant Language
  •       Fence Wisely
  •       Exclude Irrelevant Areas

Use Relevant Language

Before using geo-targeting ads, it is essential to research the relevant dialect in the preferred location. Ensure the language used matches up with those being targeted. For instance, when marketing to younger groups, it is essential to speak their language.

Fence Wisely

Applying fencing to a geo-targeting campaign is a smart move. It helps businesses reach their target market seamlessly. However, when fencing, businesses must be creative with it. For example, Whole Foods companies fence themselves around their competitors. This allows their competitors’ shoppers to receive their ads. This is called geo-conquesting.

Exclude Irrelevant Areas

When geo-targeting, excluding irrelevant areas will help a great deal. Ads should be targeted at locations with an interested audience that will drive traffic.

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