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Bad Data Can Be an Expensive Affair for Your Company

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Poor data can cost your company money. It causes you to spend resources trying to reach customers that no longer exist at that contact information. The good news is that a doctor directory can help.

Bad Data Causes Lost Productivity

Poor data does more than cost your company money. It can also result in lost productivity. For example, when a member of your marketing team picks up a phone and calls an individual or a company, that member is hoping they have the right phone number.

Sometimes, the individual will call someone who is no longer at that number. It is estimated that over 27 percent of telemarketers’ time is spent calling numbers that do not exist. This is valuable time that the telemarketer is spending on the clock and your company is paying for this.

The good news is that using a Canadian doctors directory can help you reach the right physicians. When you choose MD Select’s doctor directory, you can have peace of mind knowing that your marketing team will be contacting the right medical professional. We work to update our information continually, so no matter which physicians you pick to target, you will be able to reach them. This can prevent embarrassment for your company and help to improve your brand’s image.

Beyond Names and Numbers

However, reaching out to physicians goes beyond knowing how to get in contact with them. Between email programs, web hosting, and paying your marketing team, it can be expensive to reach out to potential customers. The more customers that you reach out to, the more it costs your business. And many of these customers may never give you a second glance.

The way to get around this is only to pick the customers you know are likely to be interested in your service or product. The problem with the average Canadian doctors directory is that it only contains surface-level information. For an effective strategy, you need to dig deep. This is why MD Select’s doctor directory in Alberta will help you optimize your marketing campaign.

Closing Thoughts

Bad data can cost your business in terms of money and lost productivity. However, using the doctor directory from MD Select will give you accurate data on over 91,000 Canadian medical professionals. This will help you chisel down your list of potential customers, allowing you to spend less money with more results. Contact us today to learn more about how our doctor directory can help save your business time and other resources.

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