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At its widest point Canada measures over 9,300 kilometres. That used to make it quite challenging for a B2B sales rep in St. John’s, Newfoundland to target new business in Victoria, British Columbia. Thankfully, sales and marketing teams targeting professionals in Canada’s medical and healthcare industry now have the advantages offered by MD Select’s online digital BC doctors directory.

Containing the profiles of nearly 12,600 doctors, physicians and nurse practitioners, the BC physicians directory is an exceptional resource for B2B professionals looking to improve their prospecting, lead generation and sales conversions. Every sales rep knows the effort it takes to drum up high-value leads. That’s especially true when targeting physicians and surgeons, who are tight for time and hard to track down for face-to-face meetings. By using a BC physicians and surgeons directory, you can be working in your office in Fredericton and easily generate a solid list of credible leads in Vancouver.

Updated List of Doctors in BC

Subscribing to a list of doctors in BC gives sales reps and marketing teams unlimited access to a highly focused provincial resource, one containing up-to-date data critical for use in the development of effective marketing proposals. The BC doctors directory page contains more than just names; it includes contact information, graduating university and year of graduation, area of medical specialties and sub-specialties, languages spoken, and much more. Targeting professionals across all areas of British Columbia is easier with your BC medical directory subscription. With multiple licenses you can empower your entire sales and marketing team, giving them the digital data required to successfully grow sales of your products and services. Our BC physicians directory includes data for Vancouver and other major cities of BC. Subscribe to our BC medical directory and enhance your sales and marketing efforts today!

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