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Stay Updated: How Using a Non-updated Doctor Directory Could Be Perilous To Your Firm
Doctor Directory
Doctor Directories
Medicines come with an expiry date. So too do online directories that offer information on the medical profession. The fact is, doctors and physicians often move their practices or switch facilities. If you’re a B2B marketer utilizing online information to conduct your research and pitch to doctors, you better be sure you can trust the source. If...
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The Importance of Doctors Directory in Business Today
Doctor Directory
MD Directory
There are more than 83,000 physicians and surgeons in Canada today, many running their own practices or working in hospitals, health care facilities, speciality and walk-in medical clinics. When your business is selling products and services to this group of high-income, highly skilled professionals, you need every tool and resource you can to help...
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Canadian Medical Doctor Database – An immediate access to accurate information
Doctor Directory
Medical Doctor Database
Implementing your sales and marketing strategies to grow your business is like playing chess. You have to think and plan way beyond your next move, because what you do next may have consequences farther down the line. Conducting research on your opponent in chess may give you valuable insight into whether they play defensively or offensively. In bu...
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Ontario Doctor Directory – Benefiting Sales & Marketing Teams
Doctor Directory
Ontario Dr Directory
As part of a sales and marketing team, you know the importance of customizing your pitch to the client you’re trying to sell your products or services. That approach is no different when trying to reach doctors and physicians for B2B sales. Conducting lead generation/prospecting to reach this target group also requires some special attention give...
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