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Avoid Lost Revenue and Bad Data Practices
Canadian doctors directory
Ontario Physician Directory
A study conducted by IBM in 2016 found that bad data is leaching an astounding $3.1 trillion annually from the American economy. These losses arise from lower productivity, outages, and maintenance costs. The study demonstrates that good data sets are a rarity around the world. For businesses in Toronto looking for a list of physicians in Ontario f...
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Why Clean Data Is Essential to Making Sales
Canadian medical directory
Canadian Medical Directory
Data management is complicated, time consuming, and rarely a top priority; most companies are too busy conducting business to worry about keep databases updated and current. However, when dirty data becoming a deterrent to growing sales and maintaining effective B2B relationships with your clients in the medical and healthcare sector, then it’s t...
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Improving B2B Prospecting in 2022
Physician Directory
Vancouver Physician Directory
The stereotypical image of a prospector is one of an old and dusty miner searching through the hills and panning for gold. The analogy is not entirely wrong: modern day sales prospectors hope to find gold through their own explorations. When targeting professionals in the medical and healthcare industry, one of the best prospecting tools to keep in...
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Secondary Market Research and B2B Medical Sales
Online Medical Database
list of doctors in Alberta
Selling to the medical and healthcare industry presents its own unique set of challenges. First of all, it’s an industry based primarily on science, so it’s vital for a sales and marketing team to comprehend the need for accurate information. When targeting medical professionals in Alberta, both primary and secondary research is necessary to ge...
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