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Selling Medical Devices? Territory management is much easier with quality data
Canadian Medical Database
Canadian Doctors Directory
You’ve got medical devices you need to sell. Accessing a Canadian doctors directory rich with the contact information of doctors and physicians across the country would be helpful to achieve that goal. MD Select is exactly the kind of platform your sales and marketing team needs to help boost your B2B sales objectives. Territory management is mu...
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Turning Calls into Consultations: How to Boost Your Medical Practices Digital Marketing ROI
Healthcare Directory
physician directory
Getting yourself into a physician directory is a good way to make your information available to businesses who have products and services that may benefit you. Most directories automatically list medical professionals, but you should check and make sure you’re you are included as well. Unfortunately, simply being listed is not going to be enough...
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What is a Healthcare Database and Why is it Important?
Medical Directory Database
MD directory
A healthcare database has a lot to offer to its users. If you go ahead and make the decision to incorporate a directory that contains vital healthcare information into your marketing or research plan, you will definitely see a return very soon. An MD directory lists all of the known medical practitioners in Canada, their contact information, and o...
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Marketing/Selling to Hospitals: 10 Things I’ve Learned
Canadian Medical Database
Canadian medical directory database
Selling to every market requires both general and unique strategies. Some marketing rules need to be followed no matter who you are trying to sell to, and other rules only need to be applied when you are selling to certain industries. When you are marketing your service or trying to sell your product to a hospital, then there are several rules you...
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