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How Have B2B Medical Sales Changed During COVID-19
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In every business in every industry sector, unexpected shifts in the market require an appropriate shift in the business plan. Businesses that guide their annual operations by drafting a strategic plan may have conducted a SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis and, as a result, built a plan with emergency contingencies designed...
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Facts You Didn’t Know About Medical B2B Sales Part 2
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B2B healthcare marketing presents its own set of challenges. With healthcare spending in Canada reaching $264 billion in 2019, the industry also continues to present enormous opportunities for B2B sales teams and the companies they represent. Finding your niche as a B2B sales person targeting such a massive Canadian industry requires knowledge and ...
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Improving Your B2B Medical Sales Pipeline in 2021
healthcare lead generation companies
The demand for medical technology and pharmaceutical products continues to grow. In a world gripped by pandemic fears, those who still believe in science are looking to medical innovators to solve the world’s major health problems. For B2B sales professionals whose successes are contingent on generating new leads to sell medical products and serv...
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Keep Sales Targets Relevant with a Physician Database
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There’s a subtle nuance to sales that not everyone has or understands. Despite what you might think, every conversation you have with a prospect or client doesn’t have to focus on the sale. There’s a big distinction between taking a hard-sell approach versus a needs-based approach to B2B sales outreach, and depending on which one of those met...
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