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Boost B2B Physician Sales by Talking like a Doctor, not a Salesperson

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Before you can walk the walk, you have to be able to talk the talk. That’s true in sports competition, and it’s definitely true in the world of B2B sales to doctors, physicians, and medical professionals. Sales people in general have a tough image problem, because everyone knows the job of a salesperson is to try and sell you something. Not everyone is receptive to a sales pitch, but there are times when a credible, well-spoken, knowledgeable salesperson is exactly what you need. If you’re selling to doctors, you might want to develop skills that make you sound like the professionals you find in MD Select’s physician directory Canada.

Learn the Lingo to Earn the Sale

Successful sales reps care about their clients. Yes, those clients earn a sales rep his or her commission; however, you can’t be a good sales rep without truly listening, keying in on what your clients tell you, and understanding their needs. When you search through the physician database Canada offered by MD Select, you’re going to find over 91,000 doctors, physicians, and other medical industry professionals that could be potential prospects one day.

To connect with them on both a professional and human level, you’re going to have to speak their language. Many sales skills are easily transferable from one industry to the next; however, to conduct sales in the medical and healthcare industry requires a special skill set, and the ability to talk in language relatable to doctors is vital.

Know Your Doctor Types

To make that possible, the first thing you need to be able to do is to differentiate between doctors – in other words, you need to know what a pediatrician does and what a cardiologist does. Whether you’re selling medical equipment or pharmaceuticals, you have to know the roles played by the doctors you’re targeting. That may require some extra training; it doesn’t hurt for a sales rep working in the healthcare industry to have studied relevant college courses or even spent some time in med school; this kind of training will give a sales rep the foundational understanding of the industry.

Next, it’s important for sales reps to understand the environment in which doctors are working. For example, if you’re selling in the Calgary market, it would be good to conduct some research through the physician directory Calgary available through MD Select. Narrow the search and you can quickly determine where doctors are found in Calgary, what their medical specialties might be, and how likely they are to need your products and services.

Doctor Networks

If you manage to impress a doctor once you connect in person, chances are he or she will help you with referrals. Doctors exist on referrals, so they understand the value of referring a good sales rep to other colleagues. To get those referrals, you’re going to have to sound credible. It’s one thing to know a doctor’s needs inside and out; to be a credible sales rep – one that instills confidence – you have to know your own product inside and out.

Take the time to learn everything you possibly can about your products, your equipment, your software, or whatever it is you’re trying to sell to doctors. You want to be able to answer all questions with authority. Your prospects are buying a solution to their problems, not simply a product or service, so you need to be able to explain all the benefits and ways that your selling can address the needs of your prospects.

MD Select

The doctors you’ll find listed in your physician directory Canada will no doubt be considered experts in whatever vocation they’re in; you should strive to be perceived as a sales expert as well. Start finding the right leads by subscribing to MD Select.

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