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Break into B2B Medical Sales with a Physician Database

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Not everyone is cut out to be an athlete or brain surgeon. Sometimes, you just have to recognize where your talents can best be applied. If that’s in sales, then you’re heading in the right direction financially. Depending on the industry, a sales gig can easily provide a six-figure income. In a $264 billion dollar Canadian healthcare industry, a good sales rep can make a great living selling medical products and services to a very accommodating clientele. If you’re thinking about making the transition, a great tool to help you get started is a subscription to a Canadian doctors directory.

What You Need to Be a Successful Medical Sales Rep.

Let’s say you’re living in Alberta and are thinking of making a leap of faith into a medical sales career. You’ve already subscribed to a doctor directory Alberta to gain a competitive advantage. Here are a few other things that can help you make a successful transition.

Be sure you have transferable skills. If your entire career has been spent working the fry truck, you still might have the people skills, relationship-building skills, and work ethic to make it. Ideally, you’d also have some kind of direct B2B sales experience and maybe some clinical background experience as a nurse or medical technician. A new employer may be willing to take a chance on you, but selling to the healthcare industry requires competent, well-informed B2B salespeople. Ultimately, your people skills, technical skills (researching digital data), and your ability to communication verbally and on paper will be the attributes most employers will be looking for

Showcase your network. A successful B2B sales rep is strong at building relationships and a network of contacts across the industry. Not every call you make is going to turn into a sale, but it should turn into a valuable contact. Having a circle that includes medical professionals and hospital administrators is also helpful to a new sales rep working in Alberta

Target the category you’re most comfortable with. There are many sales opportunities in the healthcare industry. Just check the Calgary doctors directory to see the multitude of different careers in the medical industry. The products and services you decide to represent as a salesperson will lead you to different fields in the healthcare industry. There are pharmaceutical sales, medical devices and equipment, medical supplies, and even management services. Pick one lane and

MD Select Is the Right Tool for the Job

Now you have the information you need to make the transition, you need the tools to make the job easier. Lead generation is critical in sales, especially if you’re a new rep and the company that hired you is making you start fresh with established sales list of clients currently billing. That means you need to generate every penny of business yourself. Start with your subscription to the Canadian doctors directory. If you’re working out of Calgary, you can narrow your search in the Calgary doctors directory to find targets in your city. Search by area of medical speciality, and you can find heart surgeons in Calgary, brain surgeons in Calgary, or any other narrow data set. This will help you quickly establish qualified leads for the product or service you are selling. It’s the quickest way to find contact information on over 91,000 people working in Canada’s medical and healthcare industry. The information is updated regularly so you can be confident that you’re not chasing bad leads and wasting your time.

Whether you’re a veteran salesperson or new to the industry, you can increase your sales using MD Select.

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