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Build a Marketing Plan for Your Medical B2B Sales

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It’s a simple but powerful adage that puts an emphasis on the importance of a good plan to successfully achieving goals. In every aspect of business developing a good plan is critical. No where is it more important than in the marketing of your products and services. When you’re targeting the healthcare industry, part of a great plan is a subscription to MD Select, where you’ll find tools like an Alberta doctors directory.

Why is that important? When targeting Alberta, gaining instant access to a comprehensive database featuring thousands of medical professionals is an exceptional lead generations tool. If you’re looking to market to doctors in Calgary, for example, you can search the Calgary doctors directory to find the specific targets you’re looking go; you can also use the list of doctors in Ontario in the same way to generate a high-value prospect list in that province. Generating leads is only part of the equation. You need to develop your marketing plan for your medical B2B sales, so how does this help?


Whether you’re a company selling advanced medical equipment or a new-venture organization hoping to establish a foothold in a very specific sector, you need to develop the right marketing plan to both attract potential customers with inbound marketing tactics and to appeal to prospects in your face-to-face presentations. To ensure you can attract consumers of your marketing message, convert them into leads and close the deal to make them customers, you need to put the plan together using some common tactics. Developing buyer personas and crafting accurate buyer journeys are two steps toward building better plans. A buyer persona helps you identify what a typical consumer of your product might look like, what actions they might take, what their preferences are and, most important, what their needs are. A buyer journey can be developed by asking potential customers questions to help understand what your drive them to buy your product.

If you were planning to market to Alberta doctors, for example, you could start by searching the Alberta doctors directory to generate a strong list of potential prospects. Once you’ve finished that research, you need to establish the goals you want to achieve with your attempts to market to them. Your goals have to be specific and achievable; casting a huge net in an attempt to haul in as many fish as possible is not a good marketing strategy. You need to bait the hook to pull in the individual fish you want as long term customers. Developing your content strategy is also vital in the digital age. From your informative infographics to your compelling web site to the blogs you use for content marketing, you need to be able to offer exceptional resources to use with your marketing strategy. If your goal is to capitalize on the names you find on the list of doctors in Ontario, your content has to be relevant in the Ontario market. One size does not fit all when it comes to marketing in the various Canadian provinces.

Whether you are relying on new inbound strategies or traditional outbound marketing, the simple fact is you need a plan to execute. Start by subscribing to MD Select.

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