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Considerations When Choosing a B2B Data Provider
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Data providers play the most decisive role in the success of marketing and sales campaigns. A competent data provider is likely to get better marketing outcomes and, thus, more sales. A good data provider provides companies with updated and relevant information, enabling marketers to develop an effective strategy targeting potential customers. H...
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Boosting Your B2B Healthcare Market Share
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The marketing language used these days often includes terminologies like B2B and B2C. While the latter means Business to Consumer and includes campaigns that directly target consumers, the former refers to Business to Business, which means B2B marketing focuses on strategies that help a business sell its products and services to another business. T...
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Developments in B2B Healthcare Marketing
The healthcare industry is pretty competitive, recording massive growth yearly. The spending in the healthcare industry increases by millions of dollars every year. However, thousands of brands compete with each other for every cent the industry has to offer. Based on this, some B2B healthcare marketers may find it challenging to get the traction t...
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How Bad Data Negatively Impacts Business
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Nothing is more important than working with accurate and up-to-date information in the business world. Today, this is complicated with the digitization of information. Working with bad data is still just as bad for businesses. Still, fewer and fewer B2B companies recognize the importance of being vigilant with the accuracy of the data they are work...
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