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Many business owners are not aware that bad data can affect their revenue. According to statistics from Experian Data Quality, an average company loses about 12% of its revenue because of bad data. Bad data can cause business organizations to pay heavy fines. For example, many companies have been fined for sending text messages to mobile numbers th...
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The Basics of Pitching to Physicians
A sales process might be a challenging task for many, but closing the deal after a long run is always worth the effort. At the heart of these efforts is a strong and robust pitch to potential clients. It becomes even more substantial when dealing with knowledgeable leads such as physicians. A sales team might have a good list of pharmacies in Ontar...
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Vancouver Physician Directory
The stereotypical image of a prospector is one of an old and dusty miner searching through the hills and panning for gold. The analogy is not entirely wrong: modern day sales prospectors hope to find gold through their own explorations. When targeting professionals in the medical and healthcare industry, one of the best prospecting tools to keep in...
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Improving the B2B Buyers Journey with Content and Data
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There are three typical stages in a B2B buyer’s journey. The first, the awareness stage, is when a buyer recognizes a need or problem that requires a solution. The second stage, consideration, is when a buyer starts to analyze the information they have gathered to see if they have a viable solution to address their need for products and services....
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