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Connecting with Physicians for Better Sales Pitches

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“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” That classic line from The Rolling Stones is a good analogy for sales reps targeting the medical profession. While you can’t always get the sale you want from every presentation you have with medical professionals, you can get what you need – which is qualified sales leads – when you use the right tool for research. For sales professionals with target markets that include British Columbia, MD Select is the right tool, thanks in part to its BC doctor directory.

Pharma marketers, medical device marketers and healthcare service marketers targeting doctors in British Columbia and across Canada need to understand the value of a Canadian doctor directory like the one developed by MD Select. With the list of doctors in Canada accessible through the online platform, you can find thousands of profiles on doctors, physicians and nurse practitioners across the country. To know what these physicians want from marketers, you first have to know your physicians, and the profiles available in the BC doctor directory, for example, provides you with all kinds of important information: name, mailing address, phone number, graduating university, year of graduation, degrees and fellowship, medical specialties and sub-specialties and much more.

Here’s why this information is relevant. As a sales rep targeting medical professionals, you want to establish and build a relationship with the physicians you hope to secure as clients. These medical professionals are extremely busy and their time is limited, so gaining an audience is a major step towards building that relationship. You don’t want to blow your opportunity, so developing a customized, laser-focused presentation is critical. Doing that is much each when you have volumes of information on each individual doctor. That’s the value of the Canadian doctors directory available through MD Select.

With traditional lead generation tactics you might be lucky to find out the specifics of a doctor’s location and basic contact information. With MD Select, you can start to build a comprehensive profile of a doctor and his or her needs, whether they’re operating a private practice or working in a major hospital. MD Select helps reduce the time and effort it takes to connect with doctors and develop more effective sales pitches. With data and research you can quickly learn physician’s personal behaviours, habits and potential buying patterns. All this data gives you great insight. Use it to create amazing proposals that will help you land high-value clients in the medical and healthcare industry. Your subscription to MD Select gives you a list of doctors in Canada you can search, filter, and narrow down until you get a lead list of highly qualified clients for your products and services.

Let’s say you want to sell equipment to gynecologists in Vancouver. A quick search through the BC doctor directory will generate a great list you can use; put in key words relevant to your products, and you can narrow that list again. Eventually, you will secure the leads you want to help drive stronger physician engagement. Then it’s up to you to work your magic as a sales rep to start converting leads into sales.

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