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You’re a young entrepreneur who’s just invented a unique piece of medical equipment that could easily be distributed to patients through doctor’s offices in Alberta and, ultimately, right across the country. The problem is, you’re a one-person operation with little capacity to conduct the necessary research to find contacts in the healthcare industry to whom you can market and sell your products. One way to accelerate sales of your products and services would be through a subscription to an online database containing a doctor directory Alberta.

Ramp Up Your Access to Doctors Across the Country

If you think it’s hard getting direct access to a doctor as a patient, imagine how hard it might be as a marketer trying to promote products and services. Individuals working in the healthcare industry are hard to nail down for one-on-meetings with salespeople. Today’s receptionists and doctor’s office administrators are very adept at keeping salespeople away from busy doctors, GP, and medical organization administrators. Contacting doctors directly and overcoming such imposed human firewalls becomes easier when you implement strategies with the help of your MD Select online database. With it, you can target more than 91,000 doctors and physicians listed in the database. Whether you’re utilizing the Albert doctor directory, the Ontario doctor directory, or any of the other lists available with your subscription, you can get the up-to-date contact information to help you conduct direct outreach to medical professionals.

Target a Lucrative Client Base Through MD Select

The number of doctors in Canada fluctuates but in most years, it continues to rise. So does the amount that doctors get paid by the government for their services to patients across the country. Doctors are earning their pay in many different ways other than the standard fee-for-service model that sees doctors meet with a patient and then bill for time and service. Regardless of those amounts and how doctors earn them, the fact is that doctors, physicians, and nurse practitioners represent a lucrative client base for B2B companies looking to sell to the healthcare industry. Contacting doctors quickly and efficiently begins with a focused search through the online database available through MD Select.

Regardless of which province or city you may be targeting with your B2B outreach, the fact is finding the information you need is easy with a subscription to a singular source like MD Select. The database delivers a wealth of demographic information on individuals in the healthcare industry, from the standard name/address/location to more specific information like languages spoken, medical specialties, graduating university, and much more. It’s exactly the kind of intel required by sales reps to formulate customized proposals and target high-profile clients like doctors and medical professionals anywhere in Canada. It’s also an exceptional database for medical recruiters or hospital administrators looking to attract top-notch talent. There’s no need to waste time trying to develop a lead list on your own; MD Select has already done all the work for you in advance.

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