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Designing Marketing Strategies to Target Doctors

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Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced veteran, conducting B2B sales to doctors and physicians has always been a challenge. Simply mastering the medical lingo you need to sound credible as a rep selling medical products or services is challenging enough; getting through all the obstacles doctors put up between themselves and salespeople is also difficult. To develop more direct strategies, start by subscribing to a list of doctors in Canada.

Use MD Select’s Doctors Directory to Target Doctors

Pitching your products and services to doctors requires multiple steps. Your first step is developing a qualified lead list of doctors and/or physicians who would make excellent prospects for whatever it is you’re marketing. Using your Canadian doctors directory, you can search through over 91,000 qualified leads of medical professionals currently active in Canada. This doctors directory includes doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, medical facility administrators, hospital acquisition managers and many more key individuals across the country. Narrow your search to refine your list and you can ensure you have a highly-targeted group of prospects to communicate with. Now the real work begins. Your ultimate goal is to close the deal, but you’ve got to go through three more necessary steps to get there: setting up a meeting, making your best pitch, and having your prospect engage with your product or service.

Getting past the multiple gatekeepers to connect directly with a doctor is goal #1. It’s made easier if the doctor in question is aware of your product. Chances are he/she has already done some preliminary research online, so if what you’re selling is something that doctor needs, you’ve already got an advantage. Using multiple inbound and outbound marketing strategies to bring awareness to your product is also important; the more the doctor is aware of the existence of your product the better chance you have of securing a direct face to face meeting. Blogs, emails, contests, video, and webinars are all marketing tools you can use prior to that first face-to-face meeting with the doctor in question. Using your Canadian doctors directory will give you the contact information you need to make a direct connection with the prospect; the last thing you want to do is make a cold call into the doctor’s office or hospital and leave your brochure behind. The first important interaction should always be in person.

Customize Your Marketing Content Using MD Select

You’ve got your target list by using your list of doctors in Canada. Now you need to determine what strategies are best to employ as you connect with the doctor for the first time. Use the information you get from MD Select to custom craft the best possible sales pitch. Then book your meeting, whether it’s at the doctor’s office or at a scheduled lunch meeting. Come armed with a device that allows you to demonstrate the product via video or other platforms. The more information you have on the product the more likely you are to peak the interest of your prospect. All your skills will need to be invested in that first meeting to have a lasting impression.

All the best marketing strategies start with quality lead generation, which is what you get from MD Select.

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