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Doctor Directory for a More Focused Marketing Campaign

Alberta's Doctor Directory

In the digital age sales and marketing professionals are often given larger territories to cover. Where they once had only a local or regional area in which to conduct their sales activity, sales reps are now able to target potential prospects across the country. For an Ontario-based sales rep marketing medical products and services to a province like Alberta, for example, a tool to make such out-of-province sales targeting possible is the MD Select Alberta physician directory.

Doctors are a lucrative sales target, as they often control the large budgets available in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. Accessing a doctors directory that includes the names and contact information of over 91,000 doctors and physicians is an invaluable tool for salespeople and marketing professionals hoping to appeal to doctors. A doctor directory Alberta, naturally, would provide sales reps with an outstanding resource of information on doctors practicing within the province, from north of Fort Mcmurray to south of Lethbridge and all points in between.

Having access to all the relevant contact information on doctors in Alberta through a directory subscription is one thing. Knowing how to sell to doctors is another. Doctors are, at their core, medical professionals and not people who consider themselves entrepreneurs for running their practice. They do not as a point of practice consider the medical instruments and products they use to conduct their practise as money-making items. A sales rep who approaches a physician with a pitch laced with facts and figures about how much money can be made using the rep’s product or service is rarely successful in making an effective pitch. However, a rep who conducts extensive research on a potential prospect in the medical profession could discover important information about that person’s medical speciality; knowing that information could be critical in building a more effective sales pitch, one that appeals to a doctor’s sense of purpose in helping improve the lives of his or her patients. That’s a more targeted sales pitch, and one that can be built using a doctor directory Alberta.

MD Select’s Alberta physician’s directory is a comprehensive platform that provides sales and marketing professionals with incredible amounts of relevant, up-to-date information on doctors and physicians across Alberta and across Canada.

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