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Drive medical sales during a slow season

Physician Directories
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A medical emergency sweeps the nation. Hospital rooms are packed. The doctor’s offices are jammed. People are getting sick – yet somehow, your company is experiencing a slower than normal volume of sales. How can that be, when your entire business model is based on selling to the healthcare industry? A pandemic certainly throws a wrench into your sales forecasts. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate periods of slow sales, and it starts by subscribing to a physician database.

Insulate Your Business Against Slow Sales Periods with MD Select

How does subscribing to a service that offers you access to an Ontario directory of physicians help you ramp up sales during a slow period? For companies that sell medical devices, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, and other healthcare products, it provides an exceptionally targeted database for generating credible sales leads. Here are a few of the advantages to subscribing to an Ontario physicians and surgeons directory:

  • Access information to over 91,000 physicians and nurse practitioners
  • Get up-to-date information on physicians that move or change practices
  • Includes access to over 3,000 GPs and specialists that start practices each year
  • Includes hospitals, healthcare associations and medical bodies

For sales and marketing teams looking to gain an edge on the competition, subscribing to a physician database like MD Select provides ample ammunition for firing off custom-targeted proposals. Search by individual doctor specialty, by province or by city; narrow your search right down to the number of languages a medical professional can speak. It’s a rich resource of updated content that serves as a vital tool during slow sales periods.

How to Incorporate a Physician Database into Sales Strategies.

All the information available through your subscription can be shared with your sales teams. It’s easily available 24/7, with over 30 ways to search. Sales reps can also download the information in csv format for quick reference. During a slow period, having access to thousands of medical professionals across the country allows sales reps to quickly target a broader landscape of potential clients. No matter where you’re located, you can quickly research the database to find potential clients who could be interested in your products or services. For example, a pharmaceutical sales rep looking to make B2B sales to walk-in clinics could start a search using the keywords “walk-in clinics.” Further searching could narrow the lead list down to the city the rep wanted to target. With the easily available contact information provided on the clinic in the physician database, a sales rep could very quickly do additional research on the clinic’s client traffic and then create a customized sales presentation directed at a key individual in the clinic with authority to approve purchases. Saving time and effort helps generate sales during slow periods.

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