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Establish a B2B Relationship in the Medical Industry

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As a child, getting the invite to a party with the cool kids is a great feeling. As a B2B sales rep targeting the medical profession for sales of your goods and services, it’s important you get the proverbial “invite to the party” by establishing strong relationships within the industry. One way to start developing those relationships is through your subscription to MD Select, Canada’s best MD directory.

Develop better B2B connections within the medical industry

According to the Canadian Institute for Health information, Canada spent approximately $228 billion on health care in the year 2016. That’s nearly $6,300 for every Canadian resident, a figure approaching over 11 percent of Canada’s entire GDP. Clearly, there is money to be made from B2B sales that target the industry. Where a medical doctor directory comes in handy is when lead generation is an important part of your sales strategy. Developing B2B relationships that turn into long-term clients is not easy; it’s even tougher in the medical industry, as doctors, physicians and medical facility directors are not always easy people to nail down for a sales discussion. However, by subscribing to a Canadian medical directory like MD Select, you gain instant access to a directory listing over 91,000 physicians and nurse practitioners across the country. That alone makes it one of the most valuable sales tools a marketing professional can use to open up new markets by connecting with the right individuals. The MD directory lists up-to-date contact information on doctors, their addresses, their medical specialties, their graduating university and more, all of it valuable information to have when trying to develop a personalized, well-researched sales presentation to a potential new B2B connection.

Convert B2B sales leads into sales

Targeting the medical and health care industry is easier with access to MD Select. As Canada’s #1 resource for information on practicing physicians, MD Select offers users a comprehensive database of relevant information. With a few simple searches, you can quickly generate a lead list that includes decision-makers in hospitals, healthcare associations and medical bodies, including access to over 3,000 GPs and specialists. You can also search through lists of new graduates on the verge of opening up their own new practices. The medical doctor directory is ideal for sales and marketing teams looking to establish new B2B relationships.

Don’t miss your chance to “go to the party.” Develop high-value B2B contacts.

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