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Facts You Didn’t Know About Medical B2B Sales Part 2

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B2B healthcare marketing presents its own set of challenges. With healthcare spending in Canada reaching $264 billion in 2019, the industry also continues to present enormous opportunities for B2B sales teams and the companies they represent. Finding your niche as a B2B sales person targeting such a massive Canadian industry requires knowledge and tools, including access to a medical database.

The online medical database offered by MD Select is the best medical database for B2B sales people targeting the medical and healthcare industry. It contains over 91,000 current profiles of doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurse practitioners, hospital administrators, medical clinic managers, and more. It’s a great tool to help grow sales, increase conversions and generate leads. Here are some additional facts about the industry that can help you in your medical B2B sales efforts:

  • Lead generation costs for healthcare B2B sales are typically expensive – as high as $60 for each acquisition. MD Select’s medical database helps reduce those costs.
  • Incorporating healthcare and medical blogs into your marketing strategy presents a great opportunity for marketers to position themselves as thought-leaders. Such tactics also help reduce the cost of lead generation.
  • Healthcare professionals are difficult to reach, but not if you develop strategies that target mobile. Healthcare buyers use mobile devices to read product reviews and request information; developing solid content aimed as mobile will help you penetrate a market hungry for your medical and healthcare products and services.
  • Doctors use professional social media platforms like LinkedIn regularly. Some estimates indicate as many as 66 percent of doctors are active social media users.
  • Product videos are an exceptional tool for marketing to healthcare and medical buyers. Video helps build credibility and brand strength. It presents a great opportunity to showcase your products, demonstrate usage and distinguish them from competition.
  • Ensuring your products and services rank high on Google search is vital to brand awareness. Over 80 percent of hospital administrators responsible for purchasing contact a healthcare vendor they have found through their online search.
  • B2B healthcare marketers have been slow to embrace the most effective digital tactics being used for marketing, such as SEO, content marketing, and established and emerging social media platforms. Over 500 million users have embraced TikTok in just 18 months, for example. Finding ways to capitalize on these platforms can only help increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Subscribe to MD Select to Enhance B2B Medical Marketing

You can’t sell if you don’t have a target. When selling to medical and healthcare industry professionals, you can generate incredible high value lead lists using MD Select. Put your medical database subscription to use to develop effective outreach strategies and targeted marketing campaigns. This online medical database including over 91,000 potential leads, allowing you to broaden your sales reach across the country. With information on hospitals, healthcare associations, and medical bodies, the potential to connect your products with buyers is enormous. Refine your search to find the right targets based on medical specialty, city, or province. The information is updated regularly so you’re never chasing bad leads.

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