Listing Information Includes

  • Doctor's Name
  • Mailing / Location Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number (where available)
  • Graduating University (if in Canada)
  • Year of Graduation
  • Country of Graduation
  • Degrees & Fellowships
  • Medical Specialties & Sub-Specialties
  • Medical Interests
  • Industrial / Hospital/University Appointment details
  • Number of Prescriptions (per day)
  • Languages Spoken
  • Gender

Canadian Medical Directory Database

  • Canada’s #1 resource for information on practicing Physicians
  • Ideal for sales and marketing teams
  • Invaluable resource for Medical Placement firms
  • Includes over 91,000 Physicians and Nurse Practitioners
  • Includes recent medical school graduates
  • Downloadable in csv format
  • Up-to-date information on thousands of physicians that move every year
  • Includes hospitals, healthcare associations & medical bodies
  • The perfect reference tool for clinics, hospitals and insurance companies
  • Easy access to high-net worth individuals
  • Includes discounts on online lead conversion services
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