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Getting Started with a Medical Recruiting Business

Physician Directories
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According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Canada annually spends $253.5 billion on health care. That equates to almost $7,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. It would seem a smart entrepreneurial type looking to launch a business in Canada would do well targeting the medical profession. One idea might be to start up a recruiting business for medical professionals, and one tool that can help build that business is a subscription to a great physician directory.

Target Medical Professionals with MD Select

MD Select is a comprehensive physician directory Ontario platform that provides users with a broad range of medical experts, medical graduates, facility managers and related organizations. It’s an exceptional tool for B2B marketing teams, but it is equally relevant to anyone considering the viability of starting a medical recruitment business. Consider the strain on the Canadian health care system, and how difficult it is for doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to keep up with the aging population, reduced budgets and the occasional international pandemic threat keeping emergency wards on edge. Hospital administrators don’t have the time to do their due diligence in seeking out the best nurses, physicians, therapists, surgeons, researchers and other important positions. A recruiter with a direct line of information on over 91,000 physicians and surgeons would be a fantastic service provider to hospitals, nursing facilities, health care clinics and medical laboratories. The Ontario directory of physicians is just one of the many services provided by MD Select that could be extremely helpful to someone operating a medical recruiting business.

Things to Consider when Launching a Medical Recruitment Service

Given the uniqueness of the service, there are key elements to consider when launching a medical recruitment business in Canada. For starters, zero in on the type of medical professionals you want to assist clients in finding. As you can quickly determine by searching through they MD Select physician directory, there is a very broad range of skilled medical professionals working in Canada, so it would be a smart move to establish your company’s market niche. You’ll have to go through the regular steps, like establishing your corporate identity, and securing enough capital to operate for at least six months without a large revenue flow. Developing a marketing plan, including an event marketing strategy that gives you exposure at things like medical trade shows, is also a great idea. Establishing a website rich with SEO content is also necessary.

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