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Getting Your Sales Pitch Through to Doctors

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You think it’s getting harder to connect with your doctor? Try being a B2B sales rep trying to get a face to face meeting with a doctor, physician, or hospital administrator. The volume of sales people trying to market products and services in this multi-billion dollar industry has caused doctors to put up firewalls and hire office and clinic gatekeepers to keep the sales wolves at bay. When you’re targeting medical professionals in British Columbia, it’s all the more reason to subscribe to a BC doctor directory.

MD Select Can Help You Get Your Sales Pitch Through

The challenge is getting tougher. Nearly 80 percent of sales require five follow-ups after an initial meeting, and probably more if that first meeting didn’t go so well. Today it takes as many as eight cold call attempts to connect with a potential prospect. That’s a lot of time spent chasing and a lot less time spent selling. When you’re targeting a province like Alberta, however, a Calgary doctors directory can help. The same goes for an Ontario doctor directory when selling in Central Canada. Here’s how a subscription to MD Select can help.

It’s important to have something a doctor or physician wants. Your product or service should be providing a solution to a problem the doctor needs solved. Using MD Select, you can search through the profiles of 91,000 doctors, physicians and nurse practitioners. You can search 35 different ways, so it’s easy to narrow down a credible list. There’s no point searching through the Calgary doctors directory if you only want to sell to doctors in Nova Scotia, for example. Knowing a doctor’s medical speciality or type of practice allows you to develop a much more focused, highly structured presentation. You may only get one shot to make a lasting impression on your prospect. Developing sales pitches that are customer-focused and not simply a rehash of your product or service goes a long way to growing the relationship.

Good secretaries and office staff are instructed to deflect requests from sales people to meet with the doctors, so it’s going to take more than once visit. You have to look at it like building a relationship. Dropping off your proposal and a note to say “call me” is not going to get your meeting with doctor. However, dropping off coffee, a USB with a video presentation, or simply other information in a “soft sell” approach may help to break the ice. Vigilance is a virtue for the B2B sales rep. Each time you call on your intended target is a step in the right direction; you don’t want to come off in a harassing manner however. Keep the discourse civil and professional at all times.

Build Better Proposals Using MD Select

Once you’ve generated list of potential prospects using your Ontario doctors directory, the next step is developing a customized pitch based on the information you’ve gathered on each target. A great deal of the work involved in building sales relationships is completed long before you’re sitting across from a doctor waiting for her or him to sign a contract. MD Select offers sales people huge volumes of data they can use to craft customer-focused presentations. Those are truly the key you need to unlock access to hard to reach medical professionals you wan to buy your products.

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