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Selling B2B to hospitals and pharmacies can be a tricky business, as there are numerous points of access involved with each purchase. Sales reps must navigate a complex web of decision-makers and mediate through unclear stakeholder roles when it comes to the purchasing process. This can be daunting and time consuming, but thankfully MD Select is here to help. MD Select’s directory of pharmacies and list of hospitals in Canada helps B2B sales teams create target profiles for their hospital prospects quickly and efficiently.

Building an in-depth profile from included data points such as total beds, turnover rate and affiliation makes it easier for salespeople to gain valuable insights into their target market’s needs and make educated decisions about which prospects are most likely to convert. With our comprehensive database of pharmacies in Canada, sales can focus on expanding opportunities with confidence pursuing the right one instead of wasting time on unlikely results.

For medical sales teams who are looking to expand their reach, buying a subscription to the list of hospitals in Canada from MD Select is an invaluable asset. With just this purchase, B2B teams now have access to up-to-date, comprehensive information on over 4,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities from coast-to-coast.

The pharmacy directory in Canada  includes contact information for decision makers as well as administrative offices and purchasing departments, making it easier and faster for teams to connect with customer leads. With such a detailed resource at their disposal, B2B medical sales teams can save time by targeting the right prospects and making sure the best customers know about their products and services.

Whether you’re looking for a list of hospitals in Ontario, BC, eastern Canada, or an even more specific list of hospitals in Toronto, MD Select has the data you need to find relevant sales targets.

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