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How A Business Directory Aids Medical B2B Sales

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Healthcare marketers rely on accurate data to help them pitch to potential customers. Not only do these online medical databases contain the most up-to-date contact information, but they can offer insight into someone’s medical specialty and graduating year. These data points can help your sales team craft a killer pitch that is far more likely to capture customers than a generic message. Here’s how a medical doctor database can aid your medical B2B sales.

Accurate Figures for Number of Prescriptions Issued Per Day 

Every salesperson knows how critical it is to tailor your pitch. It would be embarrassing to ask a small regional hospital to purchase $20 million worth of pill bottles, for instance. A directory can solve this problem. 

Instead of forcing them to conduct hours of unrewarding and unverifiable research online, give your sales team access to the best databases for medical research. They can explore relevant information like geographic region, subspecialties, and even the number of prescriptions issued per day. All of these categories of data combine to offer nuanced snapshots of each potential client.

Long-Term Prospecting

It can take more than one year of courting a potential client before you make a sale in the healthcare industry. That’s because the sales cycle for most healthcare providers is more than 12 months. B2B sales is a long game, and it takes patience to cultivate relationships with selection committees and decision-makers so you can finally make that sale.

Unfortunately, this complicates the sales process. These key decision-makers tend to move around, both geographically and from company to company. A medical doctor database can help your team keep track of where your prospects are, no matter how frequently they move. You shouldn’t lose out on months of careful cultivation just because your prospect relocates. A directory can solve this problem.

Compliance with Data Regulations

It’s not easy to keep track of the constant updates to HIPAA and other data security regulations. Your sales team should feel confident tackling outreach without having to worry about compliance and cybersecurity concerns. By using online medical databases that handle those issues for you, you can give your sales team the information they need to make their pitches confidently.

A sales directory could be the most powerful tool in your B2B medical sales arsenal. It can help you overcome problems with unverifiable info online, out-of-date contact information, and privacy compliance concerns. Give your sales team a boost by giving them access to the best databases for medical research: MD Select.

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