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How a Doctor Database Can Assist Your Marketing Strategies

medical doctor database

Marketing looks different in every instance, but one thing remains true no matter the field: data is essential. In the field, having access to a database can make a huge difference in the results your strategy generates. When you have access to a medical doctor database that includes the general information of each physician including experience, education, and area of practice, you can better gear your marketing to be more effective for the area.

There are multiple forms of marketing that tend to see the results in this field, and each of these is significantly enhanced when you have access to a well-maintained medical database. The method you choose should be the method that can best reach the demographic that you are aiming to market to. It is important to have clear data on each physician to help you narrow this demographic for more accurate results. Here are few common methods of marketing that this information can drastically improve:


Many physicians are very responsive to marketing whenever a drug or product chooses to have a representative market it. Drug representatives put a face to a product and offer a human aspect to marketing. They are well-educated about the product that they are trying to promote, and therefore, can answer any questions or concerns that a physician may have. When you look at a Canadian medical directory, you can better understand the demographic that each physician may best represent. If you see younger physicians with less experience, you may find that when properly executed, a product representative is the best way to market to them.


Many are familiar with the television commercials for drugs. Some question why these are advertised on television to patients when the drugs must be prescribed by a doctor. If you watch these commercials all the way through you will recognize that almost all of them end with some form of the phrase, “ask your doctor if this medication is right for you.” Many patients do exactly that. If a specific drug is requested enough times, a doctor is more likely to research it further and consider including it in their treatment regimens. Once again, a younger, and less experienced, doctor is more likely to be influenced by this form of marketing. A Canadian medical directory is the best way to understand if this marketing will be effective based on the age and experience of the doctor. In addition, a medical doctor database will provide information on what prescriptions a physician has prescribed in the past. If you recognize many of these prescriptions from television commercials, you might best deduce that to be the best form of marketing to reach a targeted group of doctors.

Word of Mouth

Like in most areas of marketing, word of mouth is the most effective means of medical marketing. Physicians are much more likely to trust other physicians with treatment recommendations than they are to trust a drug representative or a television commercial. If you look on a medical doctor database and recognize that a specific doctor is a part of a large group of physicians, you may find the most success by aiming to market by word of mouth through incentive and referral programs.

In many cases, marketing can end up being a guessing game of trial and error methods. However, when you utilize the Canadian medical directory to better form your strategy, you are much more likely to eliminate the guessing factor and instead have a more effective method from the start.

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