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How AI is Empowering Sales & Marketing Teams

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping not only industries but also the jobs being done within them. The medical sector has always played a leading role in incorporating intelligent tools to improve efficiency and drive innovation. For organizations whose B2B sales efforts are targeting medical professionals, discovering how to incorporate AI into sales and marketing strategies are as critical as understanding the benefits of a subscription to a physician directory.

Fuel Sales Growth with New AI Tools

There’s no doubt new technologies help create new tools for businesses to use to grow revenues. Digital technology, for example, has helped MD Select develop its comprehensive Ontario physician directory designed to help sales and marketing teams generate better leads and improve conversation rates. However, new technologies are regularly being embedded into today’s sales departments that, when combined with access to a database of customer and prospect information, help sales professionals achieve their goals. Sales software is being designed to do everything from craft and deliver effective emails to help sales professionals automate their work flow. For example, Nudge is a sales platform powered by AI designed to help reps achieve higher performance by keeping them focused on selling. PeopleAI collects sales activity information to provide analysis of where sales teams spend their time. Calendar aids time management improvement strategies, while Conversica helps identify sales leads faster through better analysis. There are many more AI-driven new platforms that are moving sales strategies beyond traditional methods. Most allow sales pros to personalize their experiences while providing enormous amounts of relevant data. Sales reps who have subscribed to MD Select’s physician directory Ontario already know how effective digital tools can be. As AI is woven into future sales tools, sales reps will only become more empowered and, as a result, more effective at selling.

MD SELECT Offers Intelligent Data

There is nothing artificial about the effectiveness of the physician directory available through MD Select. For B2B sales targeting medical professionals, the physician directory provides up-to-date information on over 83,000 doctors and physicians actively involved in the medical industry. From hospital heads to clinic managers, from nurses to ER surgeons, the directory provides sales teams with comprehensive contact information and relevant bio details that helps sales teams craft much more effective B2B sales pitches.

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