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How Ecommerce is Transforming the Pharma Sales Industry

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The B2B ecommerce market for healthcare is in expansion mode. Whether spurred on by market conditions, technological innovation, or COVID-19 realities, the fact is the market for medical supplies is slated to cross $100 billion USD in 2021, and that includes a huge rise in the B2B ecommerce market. For sales and marketing teams in the pharma sales industry targeting medical and healthcare professionals, enhancing your ecommerce strategies is as easy as subscribing to an online medical database.

Transform Your Pharma Sales Objectives

As a smart, growth-oriented pharmaceutical wholesaler, you should be constantly looking for new leads in an effort to expand your market and increase sales. Your potential clients are already online searching for solutions to their business needs and researching products that may address those needs. Nearly 75 percent of B2B buyers can be found online researching prior to making any purchasing decision. Unfortunately, less than 12 percent of medical and pharmaceutical suppliers are currently set up to offer their clients B2B ecommerce solutions. Clearly, pharma wholesalers can grow their business by incorporating ecommerce strategies into their marketing mix, and one of the best tools to help accomplish that is a subscription to a comprehensive healthcare directory like the one offered by MD Select.

Any pharma supplier looking to increase sales across Canada would be wise to subscribe to MD Select to gain access to the medical database available through your subscription. As Canada’s #1 online resource for sales and marketing teams targeting the healthcare industry, the online medical database includes over 91,000 profiles of practicing physicians, doctors, specialists, recent medical school graduates, nurse practitioners, hospitals, healthcare associations and medical bodies. The healthcare directory also includes contact information for key decision makers in those areas, making it an exceptional resource for sales and marketing teams looking to improve lead generation to potential pharma clients. Accessing the data provides a great opportunity for medical wholesalers and other medical product and service providers to leverage the medical database to develop highly targeted ecommerce strategies. Scaling up for potential business growth is much easier when you have access to such a highly-targeted resource, one that’s constantly being updated to help subscribers avoid bad data.

MD Select Helps B2B Distributors and Retailers

Online ordering options may not be suitable for every single B2B company operating in the pharma sales sector. However, given the statistics and the amount of money flowing into ecommerce solutions, they probably should be. Optimizing your business process by offering ecommerce options is simply smart business. Using MD Select to fill your funnel with thousands of potential business leads is also smart business. MD Select can be fully customized to meet your needs, offering multiple licenses sales and marketing teams can access across the country. No matter if you’re in St. John’s, Winnipeg, or Salmon Arm, BC, you can access the same database to enhance your lead generation strategies anywhere and anytime. It’s easy to enter and deliver a huge impact in new markets when you subscribe to MD Select.

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