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How Have B2B Medical Sales Changed During COVID-19

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In every business in every industry sector, unexpected shifts in the market require an appropriate shift in the business plan. Businesses that guide their annual operations by drafting a strategic plan may have conducted a SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis and, as a result, built a plan with emergency contingencies designed to address the unexpected, but COVID-19 has presented its own set of challenges. For companies conducting B2B medical sales, one way to rise to COVID-related challenges is to subscribe to a physician database Canada like MD Select.

Sharpen Your Sales Focus to Address Budget Cuts

Shifting priorities and unexpected budget cuts are two of the most common responses taken by healthcare marketers during the coronavirus pandemic. Media spending is usually one of the first cuts made by organizations that rely on B2B sales; depending on the type of product or service being marketed, reallocation of budgets could mean a shift away from digital content marketing strategies to more traditional media. One way to ensure you’re still connecting with qualified targets for sales of your B2B products and services is by subscribing to MD Select. Let’s say you’re targeting medical professionals in Ontario; the physician database Ontario available through MD Select provides you with thousands of current profiles on doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and more all across Ontario. While your marketing budget may have been reduced, your direct access to an online physician database gives you ample opportunity to focus in on qualified leads with your limited marketing budgets.

Empowering your healthcare marketing team with a tool like MD Select allows you to address the concerns and challenges that continue to arise thanks to the lingering Covid-fueled pandemic. By searching through the comprehensive information found in the online physician database, your B2B sales and marketing team and conduct high-value prospecting and fill your funnel with leads of medical professionals who can green-light purchases of your products. Once you have your list generated, you can refocus your efforts on new leads and new marketing tactics.

Enhance B2B Marketing Efforts with MD Select

Like most sales activity, B2B medical sales during COVID-19 have to be adapted to the realities of the market. While doctors have always been a difficult target to reach, new strategies have to be employed during a time when almost all sales efforts have gone virtual. By subscribing to MD Select, you gain access to a physician database Canada platform with information on more than 91,000 physicians and surgeons across Canada, along with information on over 3,000 general practitioners and specialists that open or move their practices annually. No matter where you are in the country, your MD Select subscription allows you to broaden your sales reach, cutting your lead generation time and giving you the foundational building blocks of well-crafted, targeted sales proposals. The more information you have on the doctors you’re trying to reach, the better your chances will be in turning them into clients.

COVID-19 may have thrown your marketing plans off-track, but you can take solid steps toward mitigating those challenges by subscribing to MD Select.

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