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How Medical Industry Changes Impact B2B Sales

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If you were a sales rep for medical PPE company in 2019 you may have been struggling to find strategies to boost sales in significant numbers. For you, COVID-19 was a godsend despite the social implications, because the market for your products skyrocketed regardless of whether you had effective marketing campaigns in place. Sudden changes in the medical industry can quickly impact your B2B sales, which is one more reason to ensure you have a subscription to a great Ontario physician directory.

Healthcare trends come and go, as innovative new medical equipment, processes and procedures get introduced to the industry. Value-based healthcare that focuses on outcomes rather than simple pay-for-service models is another trend, as money gets channeled to healthcare providers focused on prevention rather than treatment. B2B marketers should be aware of this shift in thinking for two reasons: one, it could impact the demand for your products and two, it’s important to know where the flow of money is going. As funding incentives are given to medical organizations taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach to patient care, sellers and marketers will need all the tools they can get to better reach their targets, including subscription services offering access to tools like a BC physician directory or a list of physicians in Ontario.

These are the type of tools that will become critical for B2B sellers targeting medical professionals. Such data-driven services will help cut lead generation times, help with prospecting, and help with narrowing down the right medical professionals to target with their newly refocused marketing strategies. For example, lets assume you’re a B2B sales rep selling PPE equipment. Instead of positioning the devices as an emergency last line of defense against (insert pandemic virus here), companies marketing their PPE products should focus more on their use in early prevention. The marketing creative and all inbound and outbound content should reinforce how the equipment will improve outcomes.


MD Select’s Ontario physician directory is a prime example of the kind of data B2B medical marketers need to access prior to conducting outreach. This comprehensive database is full of clean data on doctors, physicians and nurse practitioners across the country, along with key contacts in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities. Accessing such a strong database of relevant content is a key research tool, because it provides information on qualified leads. That’s the first step in the process of marketing your medical devices, technologies, software and services. The next step is gauging the landscape of the medical industry; recognizing the prevailing winds of change directing the industry will be critical for any B2B marketer in the process of developing marketing strategies. Staying flexible is also critical, as you may need to redevelop your marketing as shifts in the industry occur. The emergence of things like a pandemic are not easily predictable, but your strategic planning should always include contingencies that allow you to react and pivot your B2B marketing strategies. Diversifying the way your marketing is delivered will be an important tactic going forward.

MD Select offers marketers, sellers and recruiters an exceptional platform of current data to help build your strategies.

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