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How Scott’s MD Select Directory Can Save Insurance Company Time and Money

Medical Database
Ontario doctor directory

Fishing in the ocean is a lot harder than fishing in a fully stocked pond. Yes, in the vastness of the ocean there are many more fish to catch; it just takes way more time and effort than casting into a fully stocked pond and reeling one in. Sales are like that for insurance company reps looking to secure new high-income clients, especially ones working in the medical and health care industry. In that case, the best way to grow sales is to start fishing through a database containing an Ontario doctor directory.

Save Time and Money Generating New Leads

Insurance agents and brokers are in a never-ending search for new business. There are many different things an agent can do to improve their prospects: refreshing their marketing, leveraging social media platforms, becoming mobile-friendly, improving their networking, and so on. However, to target that motherload of high-income individuals working in the medical profession, it takes a very specific strategy, one that should include a subscription to a database that includes an Ontario physician directory, an Alberta physicians directory, and other similar listings of doctors across the country. MD Select’s platform is an ideal resource for sales and marketing professionals looking to connect with doctors from coast to coast to coast. Insurance companies employ sales reps whose goal it is to find and close high-quality leads. Doctors and physicians certainly qualify as belonging in that category. Connecting with doctors and building a trusting, long-term relationship is a great way for an insurance sales rep to sell their portfolio of products, from home insurance to life insurance and other investments.

Finding these doctors is much easier when you have a subscription to an Ontario doctor directory. Sales representatives can save significant time and money by searching through the MD Select database. It contains up-to-date and accurate information on more than 91,000 medical professionals. Search for your ideal target in multiple ways: by medical speciality, by province, by experience. With a narrow focus, you can home in on the type of doctors, physicians, and nurse practitioners you want to target for sales. It’s a comprehensive source of potential new prospects that any insurance company can use to motivate and inspire their sales team.

Improve Your Lead Generation Strategies

Let’s say you’re a sales rep looking to find new insurance clients in Ontario. You’ve established that the medical profession presents a key target demographic. Subscribing to MD Select gives you access to the Ontario physician directory, which offers the following info on doctors:

  • Name, address, fax, phone number, and gender
  • Graduating university, country and year of graduation, degrees, and fellowships
  • Medical interests, specialties, and sub-specialties
  • Industrial / Hospital / University Appointment details
  • Primary and secondary languages spoken

By utilizing that information, you can create a custom proposal and reach doctors who are in need of your insurance products. Learn more about MD Select, a Scott’s Directories product.

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