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How to Make your Mail Campaigns to Physicians Effective

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Enacting social distancing measures in the workplace to limit staff/client interactions has been a necessary step to combat spread of COVID-19. One of the consequences, however, is that it’s made it extremely difficult for sales professionals to connect directly with physicians and GPs, as many practices have gone virtual and hospitals are limiting access. To continue to be successful in your B2B marketing efforts that target medical and healthcare professionals, you need to embrace two great strategies: utilizing effective direct mail campaigns, and subscribing to MD Select’s physicians mailing list.

Direct Mail Campaigns Can Deliver Effective Results in Medical Marketing

When the physician’s office, hospital communications office, or the clinic’s primary marketing person’s office all close their doors to salespeople, your sales team has to find another way to connect and disseminate your message to doctors. Building lead generation strategies is your first step; those are made easy by subscribing to MD Select to access the doctor mailing list containing 91,000 active profiles of medical professionals across the country. Once you narrow down the information to generate a healthy list of prospects, your next step is developing a strong direct mail strategy.

Yes, direct mails seems a little old school; however, ad spending in Canada in 2019 was $11 billion U.S. and over $1 billion of that was spent on direct mail. Clearly, a well-addressed envelope can still be an effective way to connect with the intended recipients. Like all direct mail pieces, there is no one proven formula for what works and what doesn’t. Ultimately, the more compelling the information, the better the packaging, and the more relevant it is to doctors, the more effective your direct mail out is going to be.

When you’re sending your marketing collateral pieces to doctors you found on the healthcare industry mailing list from MD Select, you should have done all the preliminary research you needed to help craft the perfect direct mail piece to your potential customers. Whether that’s a postcard, a tri-fold, a brochure, a pamphlet, a newsletter, or a custom USB containing your demonstration videos, product specs, and contact info, your direct mail piece should be professionally designed and rich with content that establishes the value of your brand, products and services.

Make the Most of your Mailout

You spent money subscribing to MD Select to get access to our comprehensive physicians mailing list. You used it to find the right prospects for your marketing outreach, which in this case will be sent via direct mail. Don’t waste the opportunity and the money you spent on MD Select. Sending a letter is not necessarily better than nothing; a poorly written and uninspired marketing pitch could destroy your credibility. Instead, your direct mail piece should demonstrate your expertise and your desire to promote your products.

Get creative with design. Use different paper weights and sizes. Get some custom design to make a truly unique mail out. Advances in digital printing have made it easy to create beautiful direct mail pieces. Most of all, make sure the content is crafted to suit your audience. Don’t let the I.T. guy write your direct mail; writing is a skill, and if you don’t have a professional writer on staff who can capture the essence of your product, then hire outside help.

Using targeted medical messaging and imagery, verifiable claims, and relevant statistics is going to be vital to capturing the attention of the medical professionals you’ll be contacting.

Where to Find Leads?

Before you start mailing, start generating leads through your healthcare industry mailing list. Subscribe to MD Select today.

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