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How Your Sales Pipeline Benefits from Quality Data

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What’s the #1 rule of success in B2B sales? Ask a dozen sales professionals and you’re probably going to get a dozen different answers. Measuring success is subjective, but one thing is for certain: making sales is always the #1 goal for a salesperson, and keeping leads in the funnel is an important responsibility. For B2B sales and marketing reps targeting the medical and healthcare industry, getting access to quality data for prospecting is key, and one of the best tools for accomplishing that is subscribing to MD Select’s Canadian medical directory database.

Find Quality Data in a Canadian Medical Database

In the digital age, data is not only king, but also emperor, chancellor, and benevolent ruler of the universe. Without having access to the kind of quality data available in a Canadian medical directory online, sales and marketing teams will be wasting enormous amounts of time labouring through traditional prospecting methods (young reps will never know the joys of letting their fingers doing the walking through the Yellow Pages). In today’s highly competitive and challenging medical sales landscape, managing a sales pipeline is an important function of the job. Given the long sales cycle associated with B2B sales to the healthcare and medical industry, being able to predict future sales targets is based on keeping the flow of accurate data into your CRM at a high volume. Given that the average sales organization turnover on sales reps is hovering in the mid 30 percent range and customer attrition is a reality in every industry, it becomes vital to develop a strong strategy for retaining sales reps, keeping customers happy, and filling your sales pipeline with qualified leads. Clean data from a respected Canadian medical directory database like MD Select is a great way to build a solid sales foundation.

Analytics + Clean Data = Higher Sales Volumes

Sales success isn’t based on complicated procedures. It’s based on a methodical process using quality data for lead generation and constant analysis of what’s bringing your team success. If a sales team has an ever-increasing number of accounts, analyzing how those leads are working their way through the sales funnel and being converted into sales provides the kind of relevant intel the team needs for continued success. What kind of data is important to sales teams when it comes to leads and the sales pipeline? For starters, knowing the value of potential sales leads is always important. If your CRM indicates your sales list includes $500,000 in potential new business and your normal conversion rate is 20 percent, it would be reasonable to assume your list can annually generate $100,000 in sales revenue. If you are basing your projections on bad data however, your sales projections will always be wrong.

The data MD Select incorporates in the Canadian medical directory database includes profiles on over 91,000 professionals and organizations currently active in Canada’s medical industry. It is a profound resource of clean data for sales and marketing teams looking to improve their lead generation strategies and fill their pipeline with high value leads. The medical and healthcare sector is a sector flush with cash, but it takes a lot of effort to tap into those revenue streams. Increasing the number of leads in your pipeline using clean data will help ensure your prospecting efforts and fruitful and your engagement with potential clients is high. MD Select offers a variety of customized subscription solutions for any B2B sales team targeting the medical industry.

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