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Identifying Medical Specialists When Needed During Coronavirus Outbreak

Physician Directories
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On December 31, 2019, the World Health Organization China Country Office was informed of an outbreak of a new virus that began in a seafood and poultry market in Wuhan, a city of 11 million in central China. By early May, 187 countries were coping with a pandemic caused by the virus, now known as COVID-19. For Canadian organizations trying to connect with medical specialists during the crisis, one of the best tools has been the MD Select physician directory.

The newly detected coronavirus has put significant strain on Canada’s medical community. The Ontario physician directory – one of several physician directories available through MD Select – has proven to be a vital source of information for those hoping to quickly identify medical specialists who could potentially lend their services to organizations providing medical service to Canadians across the country. Not only does this physician directory Ontario benefit sales and marketing teams looking to conduct B2B sales of products and services, it also provides a vital source of data useful to hospitals, medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical placement firms, and distributors and manufacturers of medical and equipment.

Why Subscribe to a Physician Directory

For quick and easily-navigated online sources of information related to the medical industry, the physician directory available through MD Select provides an incredibly accurate and up-to-date database. Log on and gain instant access to more than 91,000 physicians and surgeons active across Canada. It also includes a full bank of information on over 3,000 general practitioners and specialists that are currently active or have recently moved their practices in Canada. No matter what province you’re targeting, the MD Select database can help instantly connect you with a comprehensive list of medical industry professionals.

Let’s consider a scenario currently unfolding in Canada and other countries. Due to the pandemic, there’s a real strain on medical professionals and nurse practitioners. If you were a hospital director looking to find possible support staff or front-line nurses, accessing the physician directory from MD Select would allow you to search for suitable candidates by medical specialty, years of experience, languages spoken graduated university, and multiple other fields of information. It’s a vital tool for individuals who regularly have to engage the medical community.

MD Select ranks as Canada’s most effective resource for information, which is frequently updated throughout the year to reflect changes of information on the doctors and physicians listed in the database. Select from three different membership packages that are affordably priced and provide users with easy download capabilities.

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