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Improving the B2B Buyers Journey with Content and Data

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There are three typical stages in a B2B buyer’s journey. The first, the awareness stage, is when a buyer recognizes a need or problem that requires a solution. The second stage, consideration, is when a buyer starts to analyze the information they have gathered to see if they have a viable solution to address their need for products and services. The final stage of the buyer’s journey is when that buyer makes a decision to purchase one product or service over another. Help your potential B2B buyers in the medical or health industry make the decision to buy with help from your BC physician directory.

Customizing content that appeals to your potential B2B buyers through each stage of the journey is a critical way to ensure they ultimate purchase your product or service. The fact is, potential buyers are already doing research of their own, using search engines, websites, reading blogs and newsletters, watching product demonstration videos, attending webinars, and networking with other professionals in the medical and healthcare industry. Medical professionals like facts, data and information, so they’re more than willing to do their research. So too should B2B salespeople.

That’s where your subscription to MD Select can help you with research of your own. Search through the 91,000 profiles of medical professionals found in your MD Select BC physician directory, Alberta physician directory, or your physician directory Ontario. Discover all you can using the up-to-date, clean data found on doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, medical facility administrators and hospital senior staff. Once you have that, you can start to craft relevant outreach that can appeal to buyers in each stage of the journey.

To appeal to buyers during the awareness stage, you can craft relevant blog posts, create compelling infographics, write white papers, host webinars, and create compelling inbound campaigns that draw these high-value prospects to customized content on your website. During the consideration stage, you can offer free trials of your product, reports that detail the specifics of your products, offer independent reviews, or share product and service demos on YouTube. All of these are simple and effective tactics to help move your buyer through their journey toward purchasing what you have to sell.

Knowing your buyer persona is critical to your success rates in converting them into actual customers. When it comes to doctors and physicians in BC, Alberta or Ontario, you can discover all kinds of information on them by searching through your BC physician directory, your Alberta physician directory, or your physician directory Ontario. Each of these individual platforms contains thousands of profiles on medical professionals working in that province. When you have clean data and up-to-date contacts on your potential prospects, you can start developing strategies on how to expose your brand to them along their journey to purchasing. Using MD Select you can conduct research on medical professionals across the country. Use the information to customize your marketing so it’s ready to appeal to buyers no matter when they get exposed to your brand.

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