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Inbound Lead Generation Strategies for the B2B Medical Industry

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Leads leads leads – for sales reps, that’s the equivalent of the real estate mantra “location location location.” The prospect of generating strong lead lists containing the profiles of medical industry professionals is the reason why people subscribe to MD Select, Canada’s #1 lead generation tool for B2B sales reps targeting the medical and healthcare industry. However, your lead generation efforts don’t stop just because you have access to a physician database.


A physician database Canada is an important tool for marketers looking to conduct B2B sales to potential clients in Canada’s healthcare industry, but it’s not the only tool. In today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving sales environment, you have to embrace inbound lead generation strategies to help supplement the direct outreach being conducted with the help of your physician directory subscription. Yes, MD Select provides you with over 91,000 profiles of medical and healthcare professionals currently active in Canada; however, your inbound marketing could help you attract a global audience of millions (if you have products and services that appeal to a global audience).

Inbound marketing tactics help B2B businesses attract customers by developing compelling, relevant content meant to appeal to high-value prospects. Using the lists generated through your inbound marketing, you can then focus on your conversion tactics and turn those leads into paying customers. These lists will also help supplement the excellent leads you collect using your MD Select physician database. Together these two tools should help increase your overall lead generation numbers.

Here’s how it’s done. Your first goal is to attract potential customers with content they deem valuable to their needs – content that also enhances your reputation with those potential customers. To convert casual inbound visitors you want to appear to be a credible and trusted service or product provider. You inbound marketing content must be crafted to properly position your brand as a category leader. It must be engaging, presenting unique insights and solutions that are so impressive a lead can’t help but buy from you. This is where great content writers are so valuable in today’s marketing world. You need to send clear messages about your products and services in order for customers to understand what you’re all about. Your inbound marketing efforts – whether it’s blogs, SEO, web-offers, videos or other strategies – must be easy to understand. The collective attention span of your average consumer is less than that of a goldfish, so you have to hook them quickly. Only good inbound marketing can do that.

Generating a strong lead list using your physician database Canada found on MD Select helps give you a head start, saving you time and effort finding highly focused prospects in the healthcare industry. Creating your inbound marketing to cater specifically to the professionals wants, needs and desires of the people on that list will determine your future success. Once you learn how to attract customers by creating content and experiences customized to their need, you’ll have mastered inbound marketing.

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