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Insight on Sources of Medical Data Provided by Top Database Vendors

Physician Directories
Ontario physician directory

There’s no end to the data available on the Internet. No matter what you believe, you can find data to support your position. When it comes to medical data, however, finding data to support your position is less important than finding accurate, verified, medical data. What makes it hard is the fact there are many database vendors from which to choose. Here’s why your first choice should always be MD Select, home of Canada’s #1 Ontario physician directory.

Avoid the Confusion Over Data Sources by Using MD Select

Sales and marketing teams rely on generating B2B sales leads to fill their funnel. Thinking that B2B sales leads from different database vendors are created equal is a mistake. Every source of lead generation is different; they develop leads in different manners and offer different values in terms of the type of leads generated. When using MD Select, you can access the Quebec physician directory or the Alberta physician directory and be confident you’re getting quality information from both. Using a variety of different database vendors to secure similar information would deliver an entirely different set of data. Sure, there may be commonalities – doctor names and addresses are rather standard in most medical databases. However, MD Select helps B2B sales and marketing teams, medical researchers, and even recruiters avoid the confusion of multiple data sets by using one singular source of consistent, up-to-date information. That’s the benefit of using MD Select.

Common Database Sources Are Not Always Reliable

Finding information on Canada’s important medical professionals, doctors, physicians, and nurse practitioners is relatively easy. You can look on government sites, medical information boards, online yellow-page style listings, and even free online databases. However, none of those offer the comprehensive data set that’s available through MD Select, Canada’s #1 source of information on medical professionals. The Ontario physician directory, for example, offers access to incredible amounts of relevant, up-to-date information on a broad range of medical experts and organizations operating in Ontario. It’s just one of the many data sets available through a subscription to MD Select, each one providing a thoroughly researched set of data. As information changes, you’ll see it quickly reflected in the Ontario physicians and surgeons directory, so you’re never chasing bad information. Self-reported data sources may seem like the best sources of quality data on medical professionals because people provide their own information. However, they are never as complete as the information found on MD Select.

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