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Here are a few stats on Canadian physicians from the Canadian Medical Associations. The number of active physicians in Canada in 2019 was 86,092. That measures out to 2.41 physicians per 1,000 people. A full 74 percent of Canadian graduates practice in the province where they graduated. On the other hand, 1,856 physicians moved to another province or territory. That means physicians are on the move, and that can undermine any database listing Canadian physicians. Thankfully, MD Select isn’t just any database; it’s the one with an accurate BC physician directory.

When you want to conduct B2B marketing directly to physicians, doctors and nurses, using an Alberta physician directory is a great way to research medical professionals. In platforms like the physician directory Ontario, MD Select offers subscribers access to over 91,000 medical and healthcare professionals. The information is a vital database for B2B marketers and sales teams looking to generate credible, targeted sales leads in the medical field. However, it wouldn’t be any good if the information was out of date and given the number of doctors that move from province to province, that could be an issue. Fortunately, MD Select is regularly updated, so you can put your trust in the information. There’s nothing worse for a sales rep trying to connect with high-income professionals than to be chasing down leads using the wrong information. To appear credible to doctors, you need to present customized proposals when marketing your products or services. Sending the information to the wrong address or to the wrong person undermines your credibility, so accurate data is crucial.

Searching through the data found in the BC physician directory, the Alberta physician directory, the physician directory Ontario or any of the other comprehensive databases available on MD Select helps you find the relevant, up-to-date profile information on medical professionals so you can focus your efforts on the right targets. In Canada 52 percent of doctors are family physicians while 48 percent are specialists of other disciplines. If your goal is to connect with family physicians in rural areas in British Columbia, you can quickly access your BC physician directory to generate a list of potential sales leads. Conduct a different search, and you could generate a list of specialists working in Vancouver. You have endless search capabilities when you subscribe to MD Select.

Think about the time you can save by accessing MD Select, especially knowing the data is clean and accurate. When you know that two-thirds of family physicians under age 35 are female, you can start to develop more strategic marketing outreach using your MD Select database. MD Select offers exceptional data on over 91,000 medical professionals, including their area of medical specialty, the medical school from which they graduated, and most importantly, current location of practice. That’s the information you need when prospecting potential clients for B2B sales of your medical products and services.

Doctors are going to move, and you need to know where they wind up. That’s the benefit of a subscription to MD Select. Learn more about what MD Select can do for your B2B needs.

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