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Keep Up with Changing Doctor Statistics in Manitoba

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Manitoba physician directory

How do you stay on top of the movements of doctors who decide to switch locations to a new province? That’s the challenge B2B marketers face, as doctors can be a highly mobile group of individuals. While we often think that doctors are people who set up practices and stay put, there are many doctors, physicians, specialists and nurse practitioners who go where they’re needed or where the career opportunities are greater. For B2B marketers in Manitoba, a simple tool to help track doctors is a Manitoba doctors directory.


According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, there has been continued net gains in the number of doctors active in the province since 2015. That’s good news for patients, and even better news for B2B sales reps who subscribe to MD Select, creator of the Manitoba physicians directory. Whether doctors were trained in Manitoba or recruited from other areas, the fact is the increase in numbers provides an opportunity for companies looking to market their products and services to the medical and healthcare industry. By subscribing to a Winnipeg doctors list, sales rep gain instant access to thousands of doctor profiles, listing valuable contact and biographical information that reps can use to generate qualified leads.

Let’s imagine you have medical devices to sell to surgeons in Manitoba. Start by searching through the Manitoba doctors directory to start building your list. If the devices you’re selling are only needed by heart surgeons, then you can narrow your search through the Manitoba physicians directory to get a smaller list of contacts. Use the information you find on each doctor to customize your presentation to their needs, and to develop the marketing strategy you will use to connect with your targets. All that comprehensive data is up to date and regularly updated, so you know you’re not chasing bad data or poor leaders. Access to the list is available 24/7 with your subscription, so you can always search for new leads of doctors in Manitoba wherever and whenever you want.


Doctors often leave provinces to practice elsewhere. Some leave for the U.S., others dedicate their lives to serving the medical needs of individuals in third world countries. As a sales rep, you don’t want to be searching through a database that lists doctors who are no longer in Manitoba. MD Select offers information on over 91,000 Canadian medical professionals, making it the perfect resource for sales and marketing teams targeting physicians in Manitoba or across Canada. Incorporating the Winnipeg doctors list into your lead generation efforts will help you save time and energy when seeking new leads. It’s also a perfect reference tool for clinics, hospitals, medical placement firms, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and supplies.

As provincial populations grow, so too do the number of doctors in the province. Staying connected to them as a B2B sales rep is vital, so be sure to empower your sales team with a subscription to MD Select.

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