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Lead Gen Strategies for a B2B Medical Device Startup

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Toronto’s Yonge Street was once considered the longest street in the world. But if you want to travel a longer road, try launching a medical device start up in Saskatchewan.

Developing a unique product that appeals to the medical and healthcare industry is just the first step; developing your value proposition and sales strategy is a longer part of the journey. Regardless of what your product is, make the road a little easier by subscribing to a Saskatchewan doctors directory.


Your B2B prospective buyers have some simple criteria they need to know about your product: will it work, will it satisfy a need or solve a problem, will is save money and will it increase revenues. Those are all questions you’ll need to answer through your marketing and direct outreach. Before you can answer those questions, however, you have to find your prospects, and that’s where your Saskatchewan medical directory comes in.

With over 91,000 Canadian medical professionals listed in the MD Select database, you’re bound to find the right targets using some simple searches. Start with the list of doctors in Saskatoon, for example; depending on what type of medical device your startup is marketing, you can narrow that search to find more likely candidates in that city. You’ll want to develop the most laser-focused list of potential sales leads as possible, because it is difficult breaking into a new market with new products, especially ones that could provide critical assistance in saving lives.

Launching your B2B strategies for a new product is difficult, but it’s important to find early adopters of your product to help secure credible testimonials from professionals within the industry. If you’ve entered a market with your medical device startup that is already being serviced, you’re going to have to overcome the existing, strong relationships your potential buyers might have with other vendors.

Medical and healthcare facilities are hesitant to adopt new technology that hasn’t had a long case history of success. Pricing will also be an issue, as will the functionality of your device; if your product is too different that the established standard for such pieces of equipment or devices, the rate of adoption may be slower than you have hoped.

New ventures can succeed even when faced with seemingly large obstacles, but if there’s value there both financial and medical reasons you have a better shot at success. Ultimately, all your B2B sales success will be contingent on you finding the right customers, and that starts by subscribing to your Saskatchewan doctors directory.


With a startup its vital to start putting cash on the books. To do that you need customers that need what it is you have to sell. Search your Saskatchewan medical directory to generate high-value lead lists that include high-income professionals and administrators in the health care industry who have the power to allocate budget to purchase your products.

MD Select is fully customizable so everyone in your sales department can receive license to use it. Accelerate your lead generation capabilities with MD Select.

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