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Leveraging Market Intelligence to Clinch Sales

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Like every other industry integrating technology to improve process, B2B sales teams are embracing market intelligence strategies to achieve their objectives. That is especially true for B2B sales teams targeting Ontario’s medical and healthcare industry, where billions of dollars are at stake and success requires teams to stay on top of advances in technology designed to help grow sales. One major piece of intelligence designed to assist sales teams is provided by MD Select, home of the online Ontario medical directory.

Leveraging Market Intelligence to Secure Higher Sales

Market intelligence comes in many forms. At MD Select, it includes tools like the Ontario physician directory, which provides market researchers and sales teams with access to thousands of professional profiles of doctors, nurses, and other high-profile individuals working in healthcare across the province. In general terms, market intelligence includes many different elements, as companies gather information about their market, their customers, and their competition.

Compiling such information helps to guide decision-making in all areas of their business, including sales and marketing. Market intelligence provides the building blocks for great sales strategies. It’s one of the primary reasons that the global business intelligence market is predicted to expand to over $33 billion by 2025. Clearly, marketers understand the value of good intelligence when it comes to driving increased sales.

Using a Directory

For B2B companies targeting medical and healthcare sales in Ontario, for example, subscribing to MD Select to access the Ontario physicians and surgeons directory is one way to gain a comprehensive amount of market intelligence.

A subscription to MD Select allows you to compile important intelligence on potential prospects; this includes name, mailing address, location, graduating university, country of graduation, degrees and fellowships, medical specialties and sub-specialties, medical interests, hospital appointment details, and languages spoken. It includes over 91,000 physicians and nurse practitioners, access to over 3,00 GPs and specialists that start practices annually, and other reference material suitable for clinics, hospitals, insurances companies, recruiters, and more.

The Benefits of Market Intelligence for Marketing Teams

Marketing intelligence has many applications. It can assist with product development, pricing strategies, competitive analysis, future market strategies, and other initiatives designed to improve your business strategy. This is a critical tool for any company looking beyond their existing market with goals to expand into new ones.

MD Select

MD Select certainly helps with those goals, as the Ontario medical database is just one of many databases that provides marketers with information on potential prospects across the country. Committing to such a data service becomes part of an ongoing strategy that requires sales and marketing to embrace data-driven culture in pursuit of higher sales and more efficient marketing. Learning to prioritize data and recognize its value is part of a critical evolution of sales and marketing.

Gain access to the intelligence found online with MD Select.

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