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Make Better Pitches to Doctors with these Tips

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You can’t win the World Series without great pitching. In the field of B2B marketing to medical and healthcare professionals, the same is true: without knowing how to pitch to doctors, there’s no way you’re going to meet your objective of hitting your presentation out of the park. Doctors are the important decision makers in not only their own practices, but also in many hospitals, clinics, medical rehab facilities and other specialty health care clinics. Closing the deal is a vital skill, and one that can be developed with the help of an Ontario physician directory.

Keep an Ontario doctor directory in your bullpen to help with sales pitches

Before you can pitch to doctors, you have to find them. Once you do, you have to narrow down the field to determine which doctors might be the best candidates for your medical products or services. Subscribing to MD Select gives you access to many great tools, including an Ontario physicians and surgeons directory. This is part of a comprehensive database that lists over 91,000 medical professionals currenting working in the medical and healthcare industry across Canada. It’s a great resource for research, prospecting and lead generation, because the data is current and includes relevant contact information you can use to better connect with doctors.

Let’s imagine you’re using your Ontario physician directory to get through to heart surgeons in Ontario. Once you’ve generated that list, the first thing you need to do is to try and set up meetings with doctors on your list. Doctors are notoriously busy and, as a result, are hard to nail down for appointments with sales people. If you are professional and persistent, convincing doctors you have something worthy to share with them, you are going to get your fair share of appointments. However, because time is a precious commodity for doctors, you have to be completely prepared for your first meeting. Many potential sales opportunities are lost by B2B sales people who aren’t prepared when they’re standing in front of a doctor making a sales pitch (imagine if it was the other way around and your doctor wasn’t fully prepared to accurately diagnosis your medical problems – hardly a vote of confidence is it?).

Now you’ve got your meeting, you need to prepare your pitch. Doctors deal in science and fact, so putting a proposal together that addresses the science behind your products or services is definitely going to engage your audience. You need to develop a highly informative presentation, once that utilizes all the best engagement strategies and tools available. As part of your presentation, you can include videos (whether information-based or product demonstration), infographics, print materials, digital presentations, or in person product demonstrations. Anything you can use to demonstrate your expertise as a sales rep and your knowledge of the product is going to increase the confidence a doctor will have in you as a salesperson. It would also help if you analyzed the data you found while searching the Ontario doctor directory to determine how the doctor might be making purchasing decisions. Do they answer to a committee, a hospital board, or are they totally in charge of all decisions? That’s important information to have when you make your pitch, because it may seriously alter the way you handle your presentation.

Use MD Select to help build trust

The more information you have on the people you’re targeting, the better suited you will be to make a custom presentation that focuses on the doctor’s needs. Trust MD Select to provide you with the right information required to craft the best pitch and start increasing your conversions.

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