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Make Your Pitches to Doctors Successful with these Tips

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For a pitcher to be successful in baseball, he or she must be able to adapt each pitch to the target at the plate, have a variety of pitches in the arsenal to address all situations, and have a controlled delivery that lands in the strike zone more often than not. Being a B2B sales rep pitching to medical professionals requires similar skills, especially when targeting doctors. That’s when it’s helpful to have a subscription to MD Select’s doctors directory.

Sales Tips for Pitching to Doctors Using a Canadian Doctors Directory

There are two steps to making your pitch to doctors. First, you have to generate a list of credible leads using your MD Select Canadian doctors directory. It lists the contact and profile information of over 91,000 medical professionals working in Canada. A focused search through the database list of doctors in Canada using the best keywords will help you generate a large volume of high-value prospects. Your next step is crafting and making your pitch. The sales cycle for medical and healthcare products and services is a long one, so it’s important to master these three simple steps in order to help make your pitches successful.

  1. Setting up the meeting. Physicians and medical professionals are extremely busy people, especially during a health crisis like a pandemic. They don’t always have blocks of time to set aside for dealing with salespeople; that’s why secretaries are such staunch gatekeepers. It’s not enough, however, to drop off your sales pitch addressed to your target. Your relationship can only be built on solid one-on-one interaction, so scheduling that appointment is critical. Yes, you can open the door by providing an exceptional proposal, one that includes a USB full of compelling video and product information. That ice breaker might be all you need to arrange an office visit or even an old-school lunch meeting. Not matter what form it takes, you need to connect with the doctors you find using your doctors directory.
  2. The next step is capitalizing on the opportunity you have to sit face to face with doctors. No matter who you’re targeting on the list of doctors in Canada, you have to quickly establish credibility and offer value to the doctor who is giving you time to make your pitch. This is the time you need to perfect your proposal and craft it specifically to their needs. By using the MD Select Canadian doctors directory, you can conduct the research you need to do to find the right prospects for your products and services. With the right insights you can determine what kind of patients might be served, and what problem might you be solving for the doctor. You need to build your presentation using facts: doctors deal in facts and evidence-based medicine, so your proposal has to demonstrate your expertise.
  3. Do all you can to properly demonstrate the benefits of your product. Your job is to always be selling, and part of that process is ensuring the doctors and specialists you’re catering to have a full understanding of how your product or service will aid them in the delivery of their duties. Through every step of the process, you need to sell yourself, the company you’re representing, and your product or service. A flawless first impression is critical when working with doctors; there is little chance of a second meeting if the first one isn’t productive. Getting a doctor’s approval to purchase is the ultimate goal, so you always have to be on your game when pitching. In sales, striking them out is not an option.

Use MD Select to Find the Right Targets for Your B2B Sales Pitches

MD Select’s doctor directory lists all the contact and bio information you need to generate great lead lists. How you approach those leads will determine your success and conversion rates. Start searching for great leads.

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