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Marketing/Selling to Hospitals: 10 Things I’ve Learned

Canadian medical directory database

Selling to every market requires both general and unique strategies. Some marketing rules need to be followed no matter who you are trying to sell to, and other rules only need to be applied when you are selling to certain industries.

When you are marketing your service or trying to sell your product to a hospital, then there are several rules you need to keep in mind to ensure that you increase your chances of making a sale.

1. Do Your Research First

The first thing you need to do before approaching a hospital to make a sale is get informed. Using a Canadian medical directory database is a wonderful way to get access to all the information you will need to make a good sales pitch to a hospital.

2. Reference Statistics

Hospitals are full of professionals who value the scientific code, and this means that they will highly approve of and relate to statistic-based information. You need to let them know how many people out there need your services, and you need to pitch it to them in a very systematic, evidence-based way. Build your way up.

3. Focus on Speed

Hospitals are always looking to decrease their waiting times. People come to hospitals with medical emergencies that can’t be put on hold. If hospitals can get access to a product or service that will reduce wait times they will be more likely to jump on board. Emphasize how your product can help speed things up and make internal processes more efficient.

4. Focus on Profit

Another way to make sales to a hospital is to inform them about how they can reuse your product to bring in money. Can they rent it out to other medical practitioners? Can they use it to bring in more clients? Make sure you make the benefits of your product brings very clear.

5. Get hold of hospital executive and distributors data

If you can’t get your hands on a hospital executive, get access to Canadian business database. It has the details of decision makers at various hospital departments, faculties, and systems, who also oversee purchasing and other important department matters. Apart than those distributors that already sell to the hospital are much easier to sell through since they have already built trust. You can find distributors list by using a Canadian medical directory.

6. Offer a Volume Discount

Hospitals generally need their products in bulk. If you offer them a significant discount for purchasing at higher volumes they will be more inclined to buy your product.

7. Mention Reviews

If you have sold your product to hospitals before, mention how thrilled the other doctors and medical professionals had been to use your product and how much it helped their hospital. When your client can see how the product is beneficial to others, they will express more interest in buying your product.

8. Be Flexible

When you and your sales team make a plan, it’s great to stick to it. However, if you are faced with the unexpected, then make sure you are ready to be flexible. Set your upper and lower limit before walking in. Give yourself a range and not just a fixed rule, to increase your chances of making a sale.

9. Focus on what it Does, Not what it Costs

This rule applies especially if you are talking to a physician directly. Many times, physicians are simply looking for the best possible tool, not the least expensive one. Since medical practice entails only having the highest quality products, make sure you focus on the quality.

10. Give your 100%

Last but not least, you need to give your all. Selling to hospitals is becoming increasingly difficult because of the constant product standardization that is taking place. However, if you are equipped with the right data and use the right sales techniques, you can increase your chances of making a sale.

Whether you choose to use a Canada business database, a Canadian medical manufacturer’s directory, or focus on any of the other items mentioned here, you will be sure to increase your chances of making a sale in a very competitive sales environment.

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