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There are hundreds of dating apps out there, each one promising to deliver the right person right into your inbox. They’re proof of how hard it is to find a person with all the attributes you’re looking for. Now just imagine how much harder it is for medical placement firms looking to link an employer or organization with a potential job candidate in the healthcare industry. To do that, they’re going to need help from an exceptional MD directory.

Look No Further Than MD Select to Recruit Medical Professionals

Medical recruiters act as the primary link between employers and potential employees in the medical profession. The job of the recruiter is to conduct the interviews, review the resume, check credentials, and to ensure the candidate is the right fit for the organization seeking the emploe. In a time of crisis like the one created by the arrival of the Covid-19 virus, medical organizations were scrambling to ensure they had suitable replacements and additional staff to help the front-line workers, many of whom were getting burned out by the sheer stress of the pandemic and the emotional turmoil involved. Recruiters had to ramp up their activity, and the MD Select healthcare directory was a go-to tool for many recruiters across Canada.

As the leading Canadian medical directory in the country, MD Select offers subscribers access to the contact and bio information on over 91,000 medical professionals currently active in Canada. That includes doctors, physicians, specialists, nurses, and recent medical school graduates. For a recruiter tasked with seeking out the proper candidates, the healthcare directory offers a comprehensive list of highly qualified individuals currently employed or seeking employment in the medical industry – in hospitals, clinics, and other related medical healthcare facilities. Searching through the Canadian medical directory is the first step a recruiter should take to start finding the right person to match with the job they’re trying to fill. Hospital administration staff tasked with the HR role of soliciting, vetting, and hiring staff could also benefit from a subscription to the MD Select online platform. Just consider some of the relevant information available through MD Select when seeking to hire. It includes:

  • Doctors name, mailing address and location
  • Alma Mater and year of graduation
  • Degrees and fellowships
  • Medical specialties and sub-specialties
  • Languages spoken

It is an incredible resource of information that gives anyone instant leads to qualified medical professionals, reducing the time and effort it takes to hire.

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Whether you’re a recruiter, a hospital administrator, or a B2B marketer looking to connect with professionals in the Canadian healthcare industry, MD Select offers a data-rich platform of current, accurate information on individuals in Canada’s medical industry. It’s an exceptional reference tool for clinics, hospitals, medical placement firms, and pharmaceutical companies operating in Canada.

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