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Navigate the Challenges of the B2B Medical Industry

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The Canadian health-care system is huge. If it were a corporation, it would be one of the biggest in the world. There’s a lot of money invested annually to ensure Canadians have healthcare, but despite that fact the words “health care crisis” are like a new mantra from the boy who cried wolf. Canadians know there are efficiency problems, and that’s a problem for B2B sales reps targeting the industry. Earning a fair share of the huge, huge multi-billion-dollar pie is a tough job for sales reps, which is why smart sales reps subscribe to MD Select – Canada’s best medical database.


The medical industry is heavily regulated, exists with paper thin margins and is subject to sudden changes brought on by things like changes in government or world-wide pandemics. There’s good news too: there’s money to be made for B2B sales reps. Targeting the nurses, doctors, medical administrators, nursing assistants and medical practitioners is not an easy task; they’re notoriously busy people and finding your way to the decision makers is no easy task. You have to be able to navigate your way through the endless firewalls that keep medical salespeople from connecting with prospects. By gaining access to tools like a list of doctors in Ontario or a medical directory Alberta, you are taking a proactive step to smoother navigation through the industry.

With over 91,000 profiles of medical professionals in the medical database, MD Select provides B2b sales reps with an enormous competitive advantage. Searching the database allows you to focus in on the right prospects for your products and services – kind of like stepping up to the world’s best buffet and focusing solely on the Angus prime rib. Generating a strong list of leads through your custom search is step one in navigating your way to sales success. From there, you need to ensure you have other elements in place that can lead to success. For example, you need to ensure you have a team of qualified marketers and communications experts who can package your information into a compelling document that potential prospects would be compelled to read. You need a solid strategy to ensure your products are positioned properly in the marketplace; there’s a whole new generation of young people entering the industry who don’t react to the types of messages that motivated boomers with clout to actively purchase. You need to ensure there’s confidence in the brand, and a clear value-proposition that your prospects can understand. Finally, you need patience – the sales cycle for medical products and services is a long one, full of administrators and bean-counters who are part of the approval process.


MD Select is the #1 Canadian medical directory available to marketers, researchers, salespeople and even medical recruiters. It’s a comprehensive resource detailing important information about Canada’s medical industry, with clean data updated regularly throughout the year. When challenges arise that make it difficult to find new leads, MD Select is a fantastic resource to help get your prospecting and lead-generation back on track. No matter where you are in the country, you can generate leads using tools like the list of doctors in Ontario or the medical directory Alberta.

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