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Ontario Doctor Directory: A Medical Guide to Specialists

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Ontario medical directory

MD Select’s Ontario medical directory is Canada’s number one source for information on practicing physicians. Sales and marketing teams, data research companies, hospitals and medical practices and pharmaceutical companies targeting the medical profession are prime users. The reason why is clear: among other things, the data base provides users with a comprehensive medical guide to specialists.

Developing sales and marketing strategies to reach medical professional takes credible information. Finding the right channels to market your products and services to specialists is particularly difficult, because they can be hard to reach given the constant demands on their schedules. However, they do offer opportunity for marketers of niche products. From allergists to cardiologists, osteopaths to cardiovascular surgeons, sales and marketing teams can develop strategies to target medical specialists by utilizing the Ontario doctor directory to conduct their research.

There is no better reference tool than an Ontario physician directory for those professionals looking to establish B2B relationships with people working within the medical industry. The online data base offers access to over 3,000 GPs and specialists along with more than 91,000 physicians and nurse practitioners. That’s a tailor-made list of possible sales leads that would take years to develop the old fashioned way of cold calling or researching publications and newsletters for credible contact information. The data base is available to any subscribers 24 hours a day, and includes great turnkey market surveys and up-to-date information on high net-worth individuals who may need your products and services. Empowering your sales team is easy when you provide them with this rich source of relevant information that is easily navigated and ready for download. Search by dozens of different categories to help develop better segmentation for your marketing plans.

This Ontario medical directory is an invaluable resource for growing your B2B business objectives. With the right contact information, you can help get active leads in the funnel by contacting the right people and the right decision makers who can greenlight purchase of your products and services. Imagine how effective your planning could be if you had an active list comprised of medical specialists, including their name, mailing address, graduating university, gender, medical specialties and more.

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