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Overcoming the English/French Barrier to Sell to Quebec Physicians

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In Canada there are two official languages: English and French. In B2B sales, there’s only one official language: money made from closing deals. If you’re a unilingual sales rep targeting Quebec for sales of your medical or healthcare products and services, you have a distinct disadvantage. Don’t despair – there are many things you can do to become “buy-lingual,” including subscribing to MD Select and gaining access to our Montreal doctors directory.

Quebec is a lucrative market but often untapped by sales professionals who don’t feel competent trying to navigate the often-murky waters of bilingualism in the province. However, learning how to communicate with potential prospects can help motivate sales reps to capitalize on their efforts. Subscribing to MD Select’s Quebec physician directory, for example, is a time-saving way to start prospecting and generating qualified leads in the province.

Accessing the thousands of informative profiles found in the Quebec medical directory gives a B2B sales rep important insight into Quebec-based companies and the key individuals working in them who can green-light purchases. The Montreal doctor’s directory is just one comprehensive tool sales professionals can utilize when trying to expand into the Quebec market. Here are a few other great examples of ways English-speaking sales professionals can cater to a French audience in Quebec and elsewhere:

Have Bilingual Material

Ensure your website and marketing collateral are available in French. A good number of doctors listed in the Quebec physician directory may be Francophones who don’t speak English. It would be short-sighted to immediately eliminate them as potential prospects because information on your products and services is not available in their first language. It’s easy to develop a website that can be displayed in French and English.

It’s also a show of good faith to potential French-speaking doctors listed in the Quebec medical directory that you want to earn their business. The same goes for your marketing materials. There’s no point connecting with an individual prospect if you can’t provide them with additional marketing materials, they can read to determine whether your products and services are a good fit.

Use Translation Programs

Take advantage of highly functional email translation programs to break down language barriers. You can’t cast a line in English hoping to hook something in French. Using your Montreal doctor’s directory, you can research individual doctors in the market to see what languages they speak. Once you identify the fact that they’re unilingual, you can use the email translator to craft your initial outreach in French.

There may be the odd nuanced mistake in the translation, but the recipient will appreciate the effort you’ve made in helping them to consume your message. You will quickly find that the more effort you put into servicing your potential clients in Quebec the more likely they will be to sign a contract with you.

Make Dynamic Visuals

Rely on visuals. Images, instructional videos with subtitles, and compelling infographics are great ways to help your potential customers in Quebec understand the message you’re trying to communicate. A picture is worth a thousand words – which is closer to 1,100 when translated into French.

MD Select can Help Lead Generation Efforts

Before you type one word into Google Translate, you should spend time searching through your Montreal doctors directory or the Quebec medical directory if you’re targeting other cities in Quebec. Find out all you can on your prospects, especially when it comes to language. Healthcare spending is growing by over five percent per year. Tap into those revenue streams with help from MD Select.

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