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Pique Doctor’s Interest with Your Pitches

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Developments in B2B Healthcare Marketing

What’s the best prescription for curing your ailing sales to doctors? When you’re a B2B sales professional whose livelihood depends on selling medical products and/or services to doctors, you better discover the answer to that question quickly. For salespeople targeting clients in Saskatchewan, one of the best medicines is a subscription to a Saskatchewan doctors directory.

Doctors are in-demand clients, simply because they have access to something salespeople want: purchasing power. Whether they’re hosting their own practice or in charge of procurement for hospitals or clinics, doctors are great targets. They’re also highly educated people with little time to waste who want to hear informative, factual sales pitches that are concise and directly relevant to their needs. Using a list of physicians in Saskatchewan, a sales rep can quickly search the database containing thousands of doctors and physicians to generate a list of qualified leads. Narrow the search, and you can find a specific list of doctors in Saskatoon, for example. Now you have identified your prospects, you need to make your sales pitch stand out.

Here are a few ways to accomplish that so doctors aren’t tuning you out during your presentation:

Remember the four Cs; craft compelling, creative, and credible communications. Doctors are likely analytical people. They exist in a world of medical jargon that most people wouldn’t understand. However, they need to have absolute clarity about the potential benefits of your products and services before allocating a budget to them.

To ensure they get that, your sales pitch needs to use engaging language, visually stunning graphics, demonstrative video, relevant facts, and be presented in a way that helps establish your credibility as a communicator. If you’re done your research using the list of physicians in Saskatchewan, you should already know your client’s area of medical focus, so treat them as people and have a genuine conversation.

You’re trying to establish a long-term partnership, and no one is going to sign a contract with someone who doesn’t appear to be credible or who didn’t do a good job with the initial presentation. A doctor only gets one shot at executing a proper heart transplant; you only get one shot at making a good first impression.

We forgot one important C: customization. You’re using your Saskatchewan doctors directory to find marketing leads, so think like a marketer once you’ve established your prospect list. Every doctor’s needs are different, so crafting a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all presentation and thinking it’s appropriate for each individual person on your list of doctors in Saskatoon is a major marketing mistake.

Do your research to find the right angle with which to approach your client; some doctors are tech-savvy, others are looking for administrator assistance. Be certain your pitch is perfectly aligned and create custom marketing that reflects that fact.

Your goal is to help your client help THEIR clients – in other words, your products or services should help doctors improve their relationship with their patients. You’ll need to provide all the relevant information and help your client digest it so he/she/they can use it in the professional care of their patients. Be prepared to answer all questions until the doctor is thoroughly comfortable and ready to implement your product or service into patient care.

Use MD Select to Develop Strong Sales Pitches

MD Select offers a comprehensive database that includes informative profiles on over 91,000 medical professionals in Saskatchewan and across Canada. It’s the ultimate research tool for salespeople who want to craft credible presentations.

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