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Pitching to Local Doctor’s Offices

Doctor Directory
Pitching to Local Doctor’s Offices

The serious profession of doctors causes them to always have an unforgiving schedule. Trying to schedule a marketing meeting with a doctor can take a bit of effort and stubbornness, as doctors are notoriously difficult to pin down. If you have a product or service that you are looking to sell to a doctor, the pitch itself can be an anxiety-inducing part of the process. However, by making use of certain tips and tricks, getting a doctor on board with your idea can be done.

For instance, before visiting a doctor, look up their details in a Manitoba doctor’s directory. Make use of effective marketing, which entails the parts such as in-depth, thorough research and knowledge about the product or service and its potential in the relevant market. There are more such basics to keep in mind when trying to sell products or services to doctors.

Create a Convincing Sales Pitch

Besides the above-mentioned commonly known advice, when pitching to a doctor after you’ve gotten their basic information through a Manitoba doctor’s directory, curating the pitch to fit their schedule and lifestyle can increase the chances of success tenfold. For one, build the pitch around how the product or service can make the doctor’s life easier. Keep everything organized and outline key selling points and details clearly to guide you through the pitch. Relevant data for further guidance can also be received from a Manitoba doctor’s directory.

Connect With the Office Manager

There is no better way to understand a doctor’s schedule than connecting with the person who manages it. The doctor’s office manager not only sets the schedule but serves as a sort of guard between the doctor and a sales representative. Information about the office manager of the doctor can also be gotten from a Manitoba doctors directory or a Manitoba medical directory.

Keeping in mind a doctor’s busy schedule, catching them at a time when they are burdened with work is not a good idea. They are much less likely to give you any attention, even if your pitch is as perfect as can be. This rules out busy times like before and after lunch and close to closing times.

Like the doctor, their office manager is just as pressed for time. Keep the pitch short and to the point. The best way to make an impression is to focus the pitch on what makes your product or service stand out and how it can improve patient care and make office operations more efficient.

Offer a Meal

Thoughtfulness makes a lasting impression. Doctors’ busy schedules can often force them to stay at their desks and miss meals. While visiting them, offer to treat them to a meal and bring it to their desks. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, offer to bring a meal for the whole staff. This will not only make a strong and great impression on them, but it will also give you time to deliver your presentation.

While planning your presentation, do not forget to factor in some time at the end of the presentation for a small question and answer session. To make sure your product or service is not forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the day, leave behind freebies such as pamphlets, product samples, and promotional giveaways. This can be done at the end of the session. Even if you are not able to score a pitch, leave some freebies at the front desk.

Finally, increase your chances of success by pitching to as many doctors as possible. Find doctors you can pitch to through a list of doctors in Manitoba. If you’re looking to avail such a directory or list, then contact MD Select today!

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