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The percentage of all B2B buyer-seller relationships being managed without human interaction is steadily increasing. That said, the medical supply and pharmaceutical industry has not fully embraced ecommerce options, with under 15 percent of the industry using a B2B ecommerce platform to move their products. It presents a great opportunity for wholesalers to grow their business. For B2B reps, finding wholesalers in the medical industry is as simple as subscribing to MD Select and gaining access to the Ontario physician directory.

Target the Lucrative Medical Supplies Market

The medical supplies wholesale market in Canada is a $22 billion industry. Over the past five years, the Canadian medical supplies wholesaling industry has benefited from an increased demand for medical devices that feature new technologies. Many hospitals and other healthcare providers, for example, have demanded medical products like implantable medical devices that feature microelectronics. As the product innovations continue, more healthcare and medical industry providers are purchasing products from industry wholesalers. The MD Select Ontario directory of physicians provides access to both doctors and medical wholesalers through its subscription-based service.

MD Select is an Ontario physician directory that provides members with details on a broad range of medical experts and organizations. The directory not only benefits sales and marketing teams looking to connect with medical wholesalers, it also provides data that hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical placement first, and distributors and manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies will find useful. The directory has information on more than 91,000 physicians and surgeons, plus information on over 3,000 general practitioners and specialists that open or move practices each year. As a B2B sales rep, your sales channel for B2B medical supplies may have been built the traditional way, relying primarily on in-person customer relationships. By using your directory of physicians, you can start to generate leads by using an Ontario physician search. Potential leads, such as hospital procurement managers as well as medical and pharmaceutical distributors, are already researching and purchasing online. It’s critical for you to be online with your B2B medical marketing efforts targeting wholesalers.

Penetrate New Markets Across Canada

You may be physically located in Halifax, but you can quickly reach medical equipment and pharmaceutical wholesalers in Ontario using your Ontario physician directory. Geography is not an issue when trying to grow B2B sales targeting the healthcare industry. Reaching wholesalers who can become primary drivers for sales of your products and services is a key growth strategy. Brand allies who can use their broad wholesale networks to distribute your products are vital to increasing your brand awareness and market share. When it’s the medical profession you want to target, subscribe to MD Select.

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