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Role of Medical Databases in Epidemics Like Coronavirus

Medical Directory Database
online medical database

In an era where the authenticity, accuracy, and reliability of news and science are being brought into question by leaders looking for political gain, finding sources of information you can trust is vital, especially when conducting B2B sales to medical authorities across the country. Now, more than ever, marketers need tools like an online medical database.

What Role Do Medical Databases Play During a Medical Crisis

On March 11, 2020, the Director-General of the World Health Organization officially characterized the COVID19 crisis as an international pandemic. The implications were felt around the world. In Canada, federal and provincial measures were implemented to stop the spread of the virus, but that hasn’t curtailed the spread of erroneous information. A medical doctor database like the one available through MD Select remains a trusted source of information for people connected to the medical industry. For starters, it contains up-to-date, accurate data on over 91,000 physicians and nurse practitioners. That’s a vital source of information for B2B marketers looking to connect with people during a time when gaining access to individuals in the medical industry is exceptionally difficult due to Covid19.

Subscribing to such a Canadian medical directory database empowers users by providing Canada’s #1 resource for information on practicing physicians, including over 3,000 GPs and specialists that annually start practices in Canada. The information available includes recent medical school graduates, the location of practices, clinics, and hospitals, along with important information on healthcare associations and medical bodies. During a crisis like the Covid19 pandemic, having such a comprehensive source of information available through one easily-accessible digital platform is a vital source of data for B2B marketers and other professionals.

Connecting Medical Data to Sales Objectives

Without access to verified information on medical professionals, it becomes increasingly difficult during times of crisis to connect with them. Doctors and front line nursing staff are in high demand, and connecting with salespeople is not a priority. However, sales professionals can access the Canadian medical directory database to conduct research and start compiling high-value lead lists of high-ranking medical industry administrators. When the crisis is over, B2B sales reps can start reaching out with focused proposals to ensure their medical products and services are properly marketed.

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